Boost Mobile Free iPhone Deals 2022

Are you looking for a carrier that offers incredible deals to its customers? Look no further as Boost Mobile is the ultimate carrier for you. To start with, this carrier offers unlimited text and talk, unlimited music streaming, high-speed data, access to many mobile hotspots, and great network coverage to all its customers. Besides this, the carrier offers mouth-watering deals once you switch to its network. From iPhones to Samsung, there are many phone models that you stand to get once you switch to this carrier’s network. All these deals are meant to lure more customers to join this network as soon as possible. Since most people would like to know how they can get such deals on Boost Mobile, we shall take a closer look at that, alongside any other related idea.

Boost Mobile Free iPhone SE Deals When You Switch

One of the phones that you are likely to get almost free of charge once you switch to Boost Mobile network is iPhone SE. In this case, you will not have to part with the typical $399 in order to purchase this phone.

All you need to do is to activate your new phone on this carrier’s unlimited plan and be good to go. It is imperative to note that this deal is available at the nearest brick-and-mortar store. Therefore, you can visit any Boost Mobile near you and obtain your new iPhone SE.

Does Boost Mobile Have Other Free iPhone Deals

No. Apart from the iPhone SE deal mentioned above, there are no other iPhone deals you can expect from Boost Mobile once you switch. However, this is not the end of the road for you as you can get various iPhones at discounted prices. Although you will not get these models free of charge, you will be able to save more bucks in the long run. Some of these iPhone deals include:

1. iPhone 11

As we speak, you can save about $150 once you purchase the iPhone 11 64GB model. Here you will be required to pay $349 instead of the conventional $499. In case you choose to buy 128 GB model, you will still save $150 and just have to part with $399 instead of $549.Finally, if you go for the 256GB model, you will be required to pay $449 instead of $749.This means that you will save up to $300.

2. iPhone SE 2nd Generation

If you choose the 256GB model, you will be able to save up to $350 as you will only be required to pay $199.Instead of paying $449 for the 128GB model, you just need to pay $199 and save $250.Lastly, if you want to purchase the 64GB model, you will save $200 and thus pay $199 only.

Other iPhone deals that might mesmerize you include:

Iphone ModelRetail Price at Boost Mobile
iPhone 13$829
iPhone 13 Pro Max$1099
iPhone 12$879
iPhone 13 Pro$999
iPhone 13 mini$729
iPhone 8 Renewed$129
iPhone XR Renewed$299
iPhone 12 Mini$629
iPhone 12 Pro$999
iPhone 11 Pro$899
iPhone 11 Pro Max$999
iPhone Xs$799
iPhone 12 Pro Max$1099

Does Boost Mobile Offer Free Samsung Galaxy A32 When You Switch

Yes. Apart from the iPhone SE, you stand to get the Samsung Galaxy A32 free of charge once you switch to Boost Mobile network. However, unlike the previous deal, here you have to port your old phone number. After all, once you port your old number, it is perceived that you are likely to stick to this carrier’s network for aging without opting out.

Once you switch to this carrier, you will be able to get 2GB of data and be able to pay just $15 per month for a period of 24 months. Besides the 2GB data, you will enjoy unlimited talk and text for one month once you switch to this carrier’s network.

Does Boost Mobile Offer Free Government Phone Under Lifeline Program

The answer to the above-mentioned question can be yes and no. Unlike other carriers that participate in the Lifeline program, Boost Mobile is quite different. As we speak, this carrier focuses more on offering the much-needed prepaid plans that do not tie subscribers to annual contracts. Also, the carrier offers good network coverage nationwide as it relies on T-Mobile signal towers. Therefore, it does not offer any Lifeline plans.

It is imperative to note that this carrier used to offer a special form of Lifeline Assistance last year. In fact, this carrier used to participate in the CARE Pilot Program Discount program. However, this program ended on 30th June 2021.

Instead of offering Lifeline program, this carrier offers Lifeline discounts to all eligible individuals or households. Also, it offers the much-needed Boost mobile plans and free phones. More importantly, you need to be eligible for the California Lifeline for you to enjoy the Lifeline discount from Boost Mobile.

When it comes to California Lifeline, it generally has the same eligibility requirement like that of a typical Lifeline program. In case you are eligible for the California Lifeline program, you can now be sure that your monthly communications bill will reduce, thanks to the Lifeline discounts offered by Boost Mobile.

Can I Get Free Internet From Boost Mobile?

Well, this depends on the option you choose to use. For instance, if you choose to apply for the Lifeline program or Affordable Connectivity Program, you will enjoy discounts on your monthly internet bills. Here, you may still have to pay your monthly internet bills as usual but at a reduced rate.

For instance, if qualify for the California Lifeline program, you will be able to enjoy Lifeline discounts offered by this carrier. To put this into perspective, you will be able to enjoy discounts of up to $14.85 on your monthly internet bills.

If you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program offered by this carrier, be sure that you will enjoy discounts of up to $30 per month if you reside on Non-tribal lands. However, if you reside on Tribal lands, these discounts can go up to $70 per month. This will still help you reduce your communication costs by a bigger margin. You can apply for any of these programs and be able to lower your internet bills considerably. Apart from the Lifeline and ACP, you can now enjoy free internet from Boost Mobile by visiting areas where this carrier has a hotspot. Since these hotspots are spread across the country, be sure that you will not miss a hotspot close to your home, where you will be able to connect to the internet freely.