Top 10 Boost Mobile Upgrade Phones In 2022

Boost mobile is an incredible wireless service provider in the US that offers amazing services to its customers. Although the company is based in the US, it was initially founded in Australia in the year 2000. A year later, 2001 to be precise, Boost mobile was brought to the US, where it offers wireless services to date. Boost mobile, however, offers these services as an MVNO carrier that relies on T-Mobile network to function. Since T-Mobile represents a wide, strong, and reliable network, Boost mobile also assures its client a very reliable and strong coverage. Besides great coverage, boost mobile offers cheap and flexible hotspot data, affordable phone plans, add-on services and international services.

Additionally, boost mobile participation in the government’s ACP program to offer discounted broadband monthly services to eligible families. All these services are delivered through the company’s reliable 4GLTE/5G network that assures you nothing short of high speed and greater performance. If you have already bought a boost mobile phone and wish to upgrade it, this service provider also got your back. Since they offer prepaid plans with no contract involved, upgrading to a better phone with them is so easy. This is through BoostUP, a program that offers upgraded phones in installments to boost loyal customers. With this program, boost makes it affordable to purchase 5G enabled phones and enjoy better services. However, if you wish to upgrade to 4G phones, Boost also got you. Do you want to upgrade your phone with Boost mobile? Here, we discuss broadly Boost Mobile upgrade phones, upgrade eligibility, and other related topics to help you through.   

Does Boost Mobile Have An Upgrade Program?

No. boost mobile has no program made definitely for phone upgrades. However, if you want to upgrade your current phone, Boost has affordable phone deals that make it easy for you to buy an upgraded phone, known as BoostUP Program. Through these deals, boost mobile gives certain discounts, making it cheap and affordable to get a new phone. Whether you want to get a new upgraded phone or want to trade-in your old phone with a newer phone, you will enjoy boost phone deals from their website. Through boost mobile online deals, you can get a huge discount of up to $300 on phones like Samsung galaxy A53 5G and apple iPhone 11.

 Besides these deals, boost mobile offers a down payment program called BoostUP! With this program, you can also purchase an upgraded phone and pay later within 18 months with no BS, No hassle and no credit check.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible For An Upgrade With Boost Mobile?

 To qualify for upgrade with boost mobile through the Boost UP! Program, there are a number of requirements to meet. These are:

  • First and foremost, you must be a boost mobile existing customer.
  • In addition, you must be enrolled to any monthly plan with a minimum of $35 payment.
  • You are also considered eligible for boost mobile if you have made timely monthly payments for the last 12 consecutive months.
  • To qualify for boost mobile upgrade you must not be enrolled in the premier grace period program.  
  • Finally, you must accept to sign the installment agreements before getting permit to upgrade with boost mobile monthly installments.

Does Boost Mobile Offer Free Upgrades?

No. Boost mobile does not offer free upgrades. When upgrading your phone with this company, you are required to meet the price of the newer phone. Therefore, its true to say that boost mobile phone upgrade is not free. However, they offer reasonable discounts on their phone upgrades. Besides, you can take advantage of their buy now pay later BoostUP program that allows you to pay your newer phone in affordable installments.

Where Can I Upgrade Boost Mobile Phones?

Boost mobile serves millions of customers across the nation. The puzzle among many users is where to upgrade their boost mobile phones. If you look forward to upgrade your boost mobile, consider yourself lucky because the company offers very convenient and easy ways to upgrade your device. To help you, we have broken-down three best places that you can upgrade boost mobile phones. 

Upgrade to a new phone via online

 This is where you purchase an upgraded phone through boost mobile official website. To upgrade:

  • visit 
  • tap on the right corner and a list of several items will appear
  • scroll down and select “sign in
  • Use your phone number and pin to login to your account
  • Just beneath your account details, check the types of phone available under BoostUP. Program
  • Determine whether you are eligible for boostUp and shop for your new phone of choice.
  • Pay your phone’s down payment, taxes and follow the prompt for installment billing agreement
  • Checkout and receive an email to confirm your purchase

Upgrade to a new phone by contacting Boost mobile customer service via phone

Alternatively, you can upgrade your phone by contacting boost customer care services on phone. To call them, use this customer line on 1-833-502-6678. Note that while calling them, you need to provide your account and personal details to help verify your account.

On the line, the customer representative will inquire the type of device that you want to upgrade to. This is to confirm whether your selected phone is available in-store. The representative will also determine whether you qualify for the BoostUP program. In the event you qualify, he or she will help you navigate until you successfully upgrade with Boost mobile.   

Upgrade to a new phone visit a boost mobile retail location

This is another effective way of upgrading your boost mobile phone. Through this method, you should locate a boost mobile store nearby and visit for assistance. To upgrade your phone through this way:

  • Visit
  • Select “find a store near you
  • Enter your state, city or ZIP code and submit
  • This will enable you to locates a boost mobile store within
  • Visit the store and get the necessary help in upgrading your boost mobile phone.  

How Do I Upgrade Boost Mobile Phones?

One great convenience of boost mobile is that it offers variety of phones that are contract free. Some of these phones operate under IDEN network while others use CDMA network. Below is a brief guide on how to upgrade these phones:


To upgrade these phones, visit , tap on “shop” and browse IDEN phones available. To easily identify these phones, they have model numbers with letter “I” at the beginning. Select your favorite IDEN phone and add to cart. Through Boost Mobile online site, checkout to purchase your new upgraded IDEN phone.

Once you get your new phone, insert your boost SIM card in it, ensure the phone is fully charged, power it on and start using your upgraded phone.


To upgrade CDMA phones, you should also visit, tap on “shop” and browse CDMA phones available. Since IDEN phones are distinguished by letter “ I “ at the beginning, CDMA phones are the models that lack this letter “ I “ at the beginning. Once you identify your phone, add to cart and checkout to purchase your upgrade CDMA phone.

When you have the phone at hand, the next step is to power it on, make a call to 1-866-402-7366 using a different device to talk to boost representative. On the call, the representative will require your account PIN, boost mobile number and your new device MEID number. In addition, he will guide you on how to program your new phone with your existing number. After, he will transfer all your existing minutes to the new phone. This makes the phone ready for use.

10 Best Boost Mobile Phone Upgrade Deals

Boost mobile offers numerous phone upgrade deals. Basically, these deals are meant to offer discounts on Boost mobile phones, making it easier and cheaper to purchase a newer phone. Since there are many deals, deciding the best to select among many can be daunting. To help you make an informed selection, we have discussed 10 best boost mobile phone upgrade deals that you should consider.  

1. Samsung galaxy S22 deal

This is one of the best deals that you will come across from boost mobile. This deal gives you up to $300 discount when upgrading to Samsung galaxy S22. This enables you to enjoy the phone’s conveniences at only $499.99 instead of $849.99. With the phone, you will get to enjoy the following specs:

  • A large screen display of 6.1 inches
  • A long lasting, non-removable battery of 3750 mAh
  • 8GB RAM and up to 256 GB storage
  • Android 12 operating system
  • 50 MP back, 10 MP front cameras and other amazing features like WIFI, BLUETOOTH connectivity.

2. Samsung galaxy S22 ultra deal

This is another incredible deal that gives you the privilege of purchasing this excellent phone for only $799.99 instead of $1299.99. When upgrading to this phone, this deal gives you up to $400 discount. With this upgraded phone, you will enjoy these specs:

  • 5000 mAh battery with talk time of up to 40 hours.
  • 6.8 inches infinity – O Quad HD Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen
  • 108 MP rear and 40 MP front camera
  • 8GB RAM and a sufficient storage of up to 256 GB

3. Apple iPhone 11 deal

This is another best deal from boost mobile that gives you up to $300 discount when upgrading to iPhone 11. For this plan to work, you just need to visit boost mobile online, order your phone, wait for arrival, pick a plan and activate your gadget. Upon receiving your phone, you will access the following:

  • A built to last battery with up to 23 hours of talk time
  • 12 MP dual camera
  • IP68 rating water, dust and splash resistance.
  • 6.1 inches screen display.

4. iPhone SE 2nd Generation deal

If you are an IPhone fanatic, the good news is that you can upgrade your boost mobile phone to IPhone SE at a cheaper price. Through this deal, you get $50 discount. This makes this phone extremely cheap and affordable. With the phone, you can enjoy the following:

  • Water, dust and splash resistance features
  • A reliable in-built rechargeable battery that gives you up to 14 hours of consistent use
  • 12 MP camera with depth control, portrait mode, 4K videos and smart HDR features
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Touch ID, wireless and fast charging technology. 

5. Samsung galaxy S22+ deal

This is one of the latest Samsung phone that exists in the market. If you want to upgrade your boost mobile phone to Samsung galaxy S22+, this deal gives you $400 discount from its retail price. With this upgrade phone, you will enjoy the following:

  • Lasting 4500 mAh battery that assures 35 hours of talk time
  • 6.6 inches screen with clear and beautiful displays
  • Incredible 50MP back and 10MP front cameras.
  • 8GB RAM and a maximum storage of 256 GB to store all your content effectively.

6. Colero 5G deal

To enjoy boost mobile 5G services, you will need a 5G enabled phone. If you are a qualified consumer, this deal enables you to purchase colero 5G phone for $200 less than its retail price. Therefore, you will purchase the phone at $79.99 instead of $279.99. When you upgrade to this phone, you will enjoy the following features:

  • 4000 mAh battery that gives you up to 45 hours of talk time and other several hours of enjoyment while streaming, playing or browsing.
  • 4 GB RAM and64 GB ROM
  • 16 MP back and 8MP front cameras that are perfect for any scenario
  • 6.5 inches expansive screen that offers a wide and brilliant views

7. Apple iPhone 12 deal

This is another best boost mobile phone upgrade deal that gives eligible customers a $200 discount when upgrading to this phone. Therefore, you are able to purchase the phone for $529.99 instead of $879.99. When you upgrade to this phone, you will enjoy the following:

  • Super fats 5 G connectivity with better speed, low latency and extremely responsive gaming
  • 12 MP dual camera with night node to take clear and bright images even at night
  • Up to 256 GB memory space to store everything effectively
  • A lasting battery with several hours of use on a single charge.

8. Motorola g stylus deal

This deal gives you a discount of $120 when upgrading to Motorola g stylus 5G. However, note that this deal is limited to new customers that are upgrading their phones with boost mobile. With this phone, you will enjoy the new 5 G ultra-fast speed and other features as shown below:

  • 5000 mAh battery that gives up to 50 hours of talk time
  • 4GB RAM and 128 GB ROM and supports an external storage of up to 1TB
  • 48 MP rear and 16 MP front cameras to shoot sharp, clear and bright pictures even in less light
  • 6.81 inches screen that ideal it fun for gaming and watching.

9. Moto g power deal

This is another amazing boost mobile phone upgrade deal to consider. With the deal, you can upgrade your older phone to moto G power at a discounted price of $79.99. The deal gives you $90 discount making it ideal for low income earner to upgrade to this particular device. Once you purchase the phone, you will enjoy the following:

  • A massive 5000 mAh battery that assures up to 3 days of use, 110 hours of music, 18 hours of watching videos and 17 hours of social media
  • 50 MP back and 8MP front camera to capture sharp and bright pictures even in a low light setting.
  • 4 GB RAM and 64GB ROM that enables you to hold everything without slagging the phone

10. Samsung Galaxy Z flip3 5G deal

This is another latest Samsung phone that has revived the unfold world. With this incredible phone, you will enjoy an exceptionally sleek design that is crafted to resist water and splash. To enjoy this phone at a pocket friendly cost, this deal gives you up to $400 discount. With the phone, you will access these specs:

  • 4400 mAh battery that assures 35 hours of use
  • 7.6 inches screen display
  • Up to 256 GB memory space
  • 12 MP rear camera and 10 MP front cameras
  • Android 11 operating system among others.

What Are The Boost Mobile Best Plans?

As already seen, Boost mobile has amazing phone upgrade deals. However, when you upgrade your phone, you will need to enroll to boost service plans. The good news is that boost mobile has several plans that starts from as low as $15 per month. Moreover, these plans are not only cheap but also features 99% nationwide coverage, mobile hotspot with no service contract. Below is a brief highlight if boost mobile best plans.

  • $15 per month plan: This plan provides 25GG of 4G/5G, unlimited talk, unlimited text and mobile hotspot features only at $15 per month. However, it covers new customers only.
  • $25 per month plan: For $25 per month, this plan offers you unlimited text, talk, 5G of 4G/5G data and hotspot.
  • 35 per month plan: For $35 per month, this plan allows you to enjoy high speed data of 10GB, unlimited talk, unlimited talk and mobile hotspot features.
  • $50 per month plan: Also known as Go Unlimited, this plan offers you 35GB 5G/4G data, unlimited talk, unlimited text and 12 GB mobile hotspot for $50 per every month.
  • $60 per month plan: This other incredible plan offers unlimited talk &text, 35GB of monthly data and 30GB mobile hotspot for $60 every month.

Does Boost Mobile have free phones with plans?

Yes. As of now, boost mobile is offering IPhone SE and Samsung galaxy A32 5G for free under selected plans. When you switch to their services, you can enjoy these phones for free with no cash back and no credit check. It’s important to beware that boost mobile free phone offers are limited in time and are subject to change anytime. Therefore, take advantage and grab yourself these amazing deals while supplies last.

What network does Boost Mobile use?

We mentioned that boost mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that does not rely on self-network towers. To deliver wireless services, Boost mobile uses AT&T and T-Mobile network. Partnering with these service providers makes Boost mobile a very rich company as far as wide and reliable coverage is concerned.

Does Boost Mobile offer free SIM card upgrade?

Yes. If you want to upgrade your boost SIM card to a newer one that is compatible with 5G services, the process is so easy and free. Therefore, you don’t have to incur any cost to upgrade your boost SIM card. All you need to do is call customer representative on 866-402-7366 or visit boost mobile stores and get a free guide on how to upgrade your SIM card.

Does boost mobile offer Affordable Connectivity Program?

Yes. Boost Mobile participates in the government’s ACP program to offer broadband discounts on qualifying families/individuals to stay connected with family, access jobs, businesses, school and virtual healthcare. Through this program, boost mobile offers $30 monthly discount on eligible mobile phones, mobile hotspot and tablet plans. Besides, you are able to enjoy up to $75 monthly subsidy if you are from a qualifying tribal land.

To get these amazing boost ACP benefits however, there are rules to follow. First rule is that you must be a low income consumer with an income below 200% of the federal poverty guideline or participate in programs like SNAP, FPHA, SSI and Medicaid. In addition, you must not be enrolled for ACP program from a different service provider. You must not have stayed a month without using their services. Besides these rules, boost ACP also instructs that your name on the national verifier application must match with the name you provided while opening an account with boost mobile. Once you adhere to all the above rules, be sure that you will get to enjoy Boost Mobile ACP benefits with no hindrance.