Cheap Cable TV for Low-Income Families

A Tv is a common form of recreation adopted by many people and households. Most families today have Tv watching as their only form of recreation. That alone makes it a crucial service. The Federal Government provides affordable phone services for low-income earners especially seniors. It hasn’t initiated such services for cable TVs. This leaves less fortunate people with limited options. They have to find affordable cable Tv services on their own, at times having to haggle and argue their needs to convince the service providers. It’s not an easy journey. For that reason, if you are a low-income person looking for Cheap Cable TV services, you are on the right page.

We will guide you on all the available options and what you need. Since the companies also don’t want to lose a client, in most cases they end up giving you a deal. For instance, there are special packages for low-income seniors. They pay as low as $50 a month. So, all you need is to do your due diligence, and will get yourself a good deal.

Is There a Cheap Cable TV Service for Low-Income Families?

Yes. There are several cable TV services dedicated to low-income families at cheap prices. They have customized packages for less fortunate citizens. All you need to do here is choose the package that you are most comfortable with.

How to Negotiate a Lower Cable TV Price?

Instead of jump shipping, because you can no longer afford your cable, you can negotiate a deal. It’s a proven technique that has worked for many and continues to impress. So, the question is, what is the effective way of negotiating?

You only need courage and information. Courage to be candid with your points and reasons why you want your bill lowered. Don’t give the company agent a chance to win over you. And again, don’t be afraid to make that bold threat of quitting their services if they don’t listen. Although, caution is important when following this route. Make sure you have your steps spanned out well in case they don’t yield.

In-depth knowledge of the field gives you the upper hand when haggling. You need to research other service providers and their services. How better they are as well as their charges. You need to show your service provider that you are well informed about other companies.

Don’t be afraid to compare them but maintain your willingness to continue with their services. Throughout the negotiations, you should ensure that you remain as composed as possible. If they don’t give you an answer immediately, be ready to call back later. Respect and courtesy win the game. Therefore, seek to establish a good rapport with the attending agent.

10 Best Cheap Cable TV Service for Low-Income Families

Getting a cable Tv with affordable services for low-income families can be a challenging task. That’s why we have scoured the internet to bring you a list of top companies that will give you cheaper Tv services. These Cable TVs include;

1. Dish TV Cheap Cable TV Plans for Low Income

Dish cable TV offers some of the best plans for low-income earners. If you are looking for a low-cost budget cable Tv, you need to check them out. The offer also extends to senior citizens. They have four different packages with varying features and costs. The packages are;

  • America’s Top 120: This is a basic package that costs $64.99 per month. It comprises 190 channels including the local ones. Examples of the channels include ABC, Fox, CBS, etc. It is the cheapest package with awesome channels and at a very good cost.
  • America’s Top 120 plus: This package costs $10 more than America’s top 120 in a month. However, it has some incredible channels such as the NFL network as well as regional states.
  • America’s Top 200: Here you get more than 240 channels at only $89.99 per month. Additionally, there are other several premium options you can tap into.
  • America’s Top 250: If you are a movie junkie this is perhaps the best package. It comes with over 290 channels movie channels among them. For all these, you only need to pay $99.99.

2. Comcast – Xfinity Affordable Cable TV Plans for Low Income

Comcast’s focus is mainly on seniors. They have various packages that provide affordable cable TV and internet essentials. Through their Xfinity brand, they provide an independent package for seniors. Seniority in this case starts from the age of 62 years old. Here, the seniors receive a 10% discount on local cable news. These include channels such as CBS, NBS, etc.

Anywhere you mention Xfinity, affordability is the first thing that rings in the mind. Its expanded basic package offers 140 channels at $49.99 per month. Their X1 DVR may not probably be the best quality but it’s a good deal for a low-income family. It holds up to 100 hours of HD recordings. Also, it has Netflix integration modules among other features like the voice-controlled remote.

The $49 per month plan avails all channels available in the major Tv providers. The likes of Discovery, ESPN, CW, etc. Basically, you get to enjoy all the common Cable channels with Xfinity.

The Internet Essentials package that costs $9.95 monthly is a form of cheap internet. The seniors get high-speed internet at this cost with all statutory deductions inclusive. Some of the major advantages of Comcast include the cheap plans and lack of activation fees.

4. RCN Cheap Cable TV Plans for Low Income

RCN offers some beautiful programs that can benefit low-income Americans greatly. Some of their services include internet, video streaming among others. Their cable Tv services are so cheap that almost anyone can afford them. Let’s look at the breakdown of things you get to benefit from when using RCN cable TV;

With only $79.99 in a month, you can save up to $35 on data. On top of that, you receive a Signature Tv plus high-speed internet. The Tv will be able to connect to over 25 channels. Above all these, you receive an unlimited phone that you can use to do whatever it is you what.

There is also digital basic TV that comes with 50Mbps internet a $39.99 per month. You can use this to access more than 72 channels and the data for basic browsing. For example, you can send emails as well as access social media.

5. Cox Affordable Cable TV Plans For Low Income

Cox offers very competitive cable Tv plans for low-income earners. If you are in search of such an opportunity, here is one. Its basic package, also known as the Cox starter package goes at $25 per month. It comes with essential channels such as FOX, Disney, CBS, ABC, and NBC. If you sign up for the contour packages, you gain more flexibility. For example, you can customize your experiences.

The accompanying DVR is very quality. It is also capable of recording six concurrent shows. Despite this fact, it doesn’t break your bank. Considering its services, you can get a very quality product at a subsidized price.

6. Spectrum Cheap Cable TV Plans for Low-Income Families

Spectrum cable doesn’t tie its customers with any form of contract. Therefore, the subscriber is free to move to other providers at whatever tie they want. This is the best option for low-income households.

Upon subscribing to Spectrum, you receive a DVR alongside their excellent TV plans. The DVR isn’t very quality. It can only record concurrent shows and up to 75 hours of storage.

However, this cable comes with a $34.99 enrollment cost. This is a one-time non-refundable fee you make when subscribing for the first time. Although, you can talk to customer care to waive this fee. It’s not a new thing, they have done it in the past. So, why not try.

Spectrum offers three TV plans that you can choose depending on your financial muscle. The TV select is the cheapest plan that costs $44.99 per month. With this plan, you can access more than 125 cable channels.

The silver package carries more than 175 channels at $69.99. Gold Plan is the most expensive going at $89.99 per month. These variations are meant to allow customers to choose their best packages. For most low-income families, select plan is the first choice. Besides being cheap, it also offers more channels.

7. Optimum Cheap Cable TV Plans

You don’t have to stay there feeling sorry for yourself because you can’t afford cable services. Optimum provides an easy way to affordable cable Tv services. As a low-income earner, you can watch all your favorite popular channels without signing any contract. Under the Core Tv plan, Optimum provides more than 220 channels at only $59.99. An additional $15 will get you to over 340 channels under the select package. That’s a plus for people looking to access Tv services for low-income people.

The optimum premier package is the most expensive among them all. It costs $104.99 but then the number of channels is very high. You get to access more than 420 channels with incredible sports coverage. The major downside of Optimum is that their premium services are only in three states.

8. AT&T U-verse Affordable Cable TV Plans for Low Income

The AT&T U-verse TV network allows low-income families to access TV services. They provide internet through U-verse internet alongside low-cost cable TV. If you enroll, you also get a HD DVR capable of recording four concurrent shows. In addition to that, the Total Home DVR allows you to save up to 165hours of HD content or 460 hours of SD. In case you don’t need the internet, you can choose to use the Tv services only.

For low-income families, there are no clear discounts. Although, there is a 10% discount for low-speed internet and Tv services. Their operations are not complicated either. Below are top deals for low-income people you can go for;

  • The U200 at $55 per month. It gives 300 channels
  • At $60, you can get 470 channels under the AT&T U300.
  • With $110.0 per month, you get 550 channels
  • If you don’t want the bundle products, the DirectTV comes together with a DVR. You pay only $35.  Also, for both internet and TV, you can apply for the U-verse TV. It offers more than 190 channels at only $75 a month.

9. Mediacom Affordable Cable TV Plans for Low Income

There are several bundle services plus awesome movies and TV shows. Their services are very competitive compared to other cable networks. The available features in Mediacom include;

  • HD channels with a box
  • You get over 20,000 free on-demand titles
  • Connection to TiVo with more than 1000 DVR recording hours
  • TV everywhere app. This allows you to watch from anywhere.

Unfortunately, Mediacom doesn’t have only TV plans. But the subscriber can customize the available plans. The affordable plans available start from as low as $49.98. The most expensive plan costs $128.98 per month. This comes with over 270 channels.

10. DIRECTV Cable Plans for Low Income

DirectTV is both an internet and a cable Tv provider at the same time. It is among the biggest brands in the United States. If you are looking for low-income family cable TV, the DirectTV Select package may be all you want. It costs only $65 per month with internet and TV services.

Although, the TV package comes with 24 monthly contract and the internet one lasts 12 months. It requires you have the two accounts running concurrently for two years. The select package gives you over 150 channels. You also receive a free HD DVR that can record for 200 hours and four while streaming.

If you are a fan of sports, you can go for a sports package. It comes with sports channels such as NFL. It gives you the freedom to watch eight games at a go.

There is also the Choice package that gives you a sports pack for only $13.99 a month. It has 30 regional sports networks among other features. This package gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite channels.

How to Choose Cheap Cable TV for Low-income Families

Cable TV does not reveal affordable packages to its customers. Obviously, this makes the process of searching for an affordable cable TV deal long and draining. The customer has to search and compare the many packages hidden by cable TV companies. The good news is that affordable cable TV are available to low-income customers.

If you want to get the cheapest package for seniors or low-income families, there are several steps you should follow. Here are the steps that you should consider doing;


You need to conduct a thorough research about the existing cable TVs. The research equips you with the necessary information and options to compare. The core findings of your research will help make good decisions. Navigate across many companies noting down what they offer and at what rates. Note the pros and cons of having a specific package. In your research, you will also know which cable TV service providers are available in your local area.

Gather information from online forums

After your research, it is good you visit the online platforms. Most times, the information that we gather on ourselves is rich but mostly lacks the experience part. Online forums have experience and deep insights on services offered by different cable TV companies. Cable TV customers frequently post in online forums about the existing and upcoming promos. It is good to get updated with the current information. Compare the information you get with your research findings.

Check on the Cable TV provider’s websites

After you settle on the company or the provider you wish to get the services from, visit their websites. With the information you have, check on the best deals offered. Note down all the deals offered against the charges, contracts, and service fee. It is good to check whether the information you had gathered is available. The information on cable TV deals for low-income customers is now available on most websites. With this information at hand, you may not find it freely available. You will need to ask and dig deeper to get the deals or know the current status of the deals you have.

Call the cable companies

Inquire about the companies you have researched about. Look for information about their offers and discounts. To secure a cheap cable provider does not mean you use the information you have to get them. Call every provider you have information on and inquire about what you have. You may be surprised even with their new deals which are more favorable although not on the website. Calling them gives you have an upper hand on how you can even negotiate for the services and get a cheaper deal.

Negotiate for the price online

Most deals advertised online are not the final deal price for the service or product. In most cases, calling the customer representative may get you low prices. You should call the company representative and ask if the price can be lowered. Most companies give marketing prices which when you request, may be lowered to suit your budget. This will help you get into cheap cables for low-income families.

Do any cable companies offer senior discounts?

Yes. Even though Cable TV companies do not have free services for seniors, they have senior discounts. The discounts offered depending on the choice and selection of channels the senior pick. If you are 50 years, you are the best candidate to look for these discounts. There are companies that offer discounts to their customers. However, you will have to research and talk to the associate agent in order to have the discount applied to your account. Some of the best cable companies with senior discounts are Spectrum, AT &T, Mediacom, and Comcast. Comcast has a 10 % discount for seniors.

Does Comcast have a plan for the low-income?

Yes. Comcast offers a discount of 10% on their cable packages. Citizens with 62 years and above qualify for this package. This applies to the Comcast basic package only. It includes channels like CBS, Telemundo, Fox, NBS, etc. Though, the cost of this package is exclusive of the cable box and any other channels.

Does Cox offer Discounts on Cable TV for low-income people?

Cox cable offers the best rates to low-income seniors. It has two plans which match the needs of low-income people. It has a TV starter package which starts at $25 per month and a contour TV which costs $64.99 per month. These packages have 70 and 140 channels respectively. Low-income seniors should opt for the TV starter package. The package has CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC among other channels.

Does Verizon offer free cable TV and internet to low income?

Verizon does not offer free cable TV nor Internet. There is no free internet for low-income families offered by Verizon. However, there are two options you can take to get the internet for free data charge. These plans include NetZero and FreedomPop.

Can you get Cable TV for free?

It is not easy to get a free Cable TV. This is because Tv cable comes with other costs like installation. You are able to access the free HD channel if you have digital antennas. You can also stream.

What is the best alternative to cable?

The alternative way is streaming. TV cable may not be offering all the channels you want. Also, some of them come with contracts that lock people in the payment. The cheapest way that you can do this when you do not have cable is by streaming.

Closing Thoughts

Getting an affordable cable Tv can be a daunting task. You need thorough information about the available service providers and their rates. There isn’t a reason as to why you should give up on your cable TV because you feel the cost is becoming too high. There are several options to circumvent high bills. If not negotiating with your provider, you can opt for providers with low-income subscriber packages. The list above consists of cable TVs that offer low-income customers a way out.