How Do I Get Cricket Wireless ACP Benefits

Cricket wireless is a very reliable and popular wireless service provider that serves ten millions of customers in the US. The company is owned by AT&T which makes it so reliable and convenient in offering services like unlimited text, unlimited data and voice. These services are offered through a range of plans to choose depending on your budget. Besides, this carrier offers several amazing phones, 5G nationwide network and amazing customer care services.

Cricket wireless also announced its participation in the newly created ACP program whose mission is to reduce the cost of broadband services to eligible customers. Also known as Affordable Connectivity Program, ACP is a federal program that offers monthly discounts on internet bills to qualified users through partnering service providers. Among many ACP service providers, it would be wise to choose cricket wireless as it allows you to access free talk, text and 5 GB of data. Is your income below 200% of the federal poverty guideline or do you participate in any government assistance program? If yes, then you can enroll to cricket wireless affordable connectivity program and enjoy these services.

Are There Any Difference Between EBB And ACP Of Cricket Wireless?

Yes. Although Cricket wireless EBB and ACP are both government programs that offers discount connection services, they are few differences between them. You’re probably aware that ACP was initially known EBB. Later, the program was transitioned to ACP on the 12th of December 2021. This transition came about with a few changes as discussed below;

  1. Before the transition, cricket wireless EBB used to offer monthly discounts of up to $50 on internet services to low income households. This later changed to $30 monthly discounts on internet services under cricket wireless ACP. The good news is that the discount offered to qualified users on tribal land did not change. This remained as $75 per month.
  2. The second change that happened after transition was on income guideline. To qualify for cricket EBB, applicants were required to have an income that is less than 135% of the poverty guideline. This changed on cricket ACP whereas eligible households are required to have an income of 200% of the poverty guideline. 

How Do I Qualify For Cricket Wireless Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Cricket wireless ACP provides several benefits that give non-customers the urge to join he program. Unfortunately, you might wish to enroll to this program but miss a chance to. This is because the program is limited to specific users only. There are several rules that are set to determine who qualifies for cricket wireless ACP. If you meet at least one these rules, you will be good to go. Below is a fully explained guide on how to qualify for cricket wireless ACP

1. You qualify if you participate in a government assistance program

The world is made of different classes of people. Basically, there’s the rich, middle-class and the poor. In most cases, poor citizens lack basic needs for survival. To help these families and create uniformness among all US citizens, there are government assistance programs that are meant to alleviate economic problems among the poor. If you participate in any of these programs, you are considered poor and eligible for cricket wireless ACP. Below are examples of government assistance program: 

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)
  • Medicaid or Medical Assistance
  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program)
  • SSI(Supplemental Security Income)
  • Veterans Survivor Pension fund
  • Federal Pell Grant in the current years
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program(LIHEAP)
  • The National School lunch programs such as free or reduced lunch program.

The programs above are meant for federal households. The good news is that eligible tribal lands households are also considered. If you are a qualifying household, you also qualify for cricket wireless ACP if you participate in these program:

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance(BIA)
  • Tribal Head Start
  • Food Distribution Programs on Indian Reservations(FDPIR)
  • Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance for the Needy Families

2. You qualify of you come from a low income household

Are you a Low income individual or come from a limited income household? The good thing is that you are also considered eligible for cricket wireless ACP. To qualify, your total income as an individual or a family must be underneath 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

3. You qualify if you meet eligibility requirement from your service provider

Although the federal communications commission has set general requirements for ACP program, participating service providers have additional requirements that you must meet before receiving their ACP benefits. For instance, you must purchase a new device or bring your own phone to cricket wireless to qualify for their ACP as a new customer. Also, you must enroll, get approval and activate with a cricket service plan to qualify for cricket ACP as an existing customer.

4. You qualify if you are in lifeline

Lifeline is another FCC program that offers free and discounted telecommunication services to low income individuals. In case you are enrolled in lifeline, you also qualify for cricket wireless ACP.

What Documents Are Need To Apply For The Cricket Wireless Affordable Connectivity Program?

To participate in cricket wireless ACP program, there is an enrollment procedure to follow. One of the steps requires you to attach eligibility and identity documents. Below is a list of some of the required documents:

Personal documents

  • Government issued ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Driving license
  • A copy of document with your residential details

Income eligibility documents

  • Current income statement
  • Worker’s or unemployment compensation statement of benefits
  • The Federal, state or tribal return of the previous year
  •  Social Security statement of benefits
  • Paycheck stub
  • Unemployment statement of benefits
  • Veterans administration statement of benefit
  • Child support award

Program eligibility documents

  • Medicaid benefit verification letter
  • FPHA approval letter
  • SSI benefit award letter
  • Tribal head start cover letter

How Do I Enroll In Cricket Wireless Affordable Connectivity Program? 

When applying for cricket wireless ACP, the process should be conducted through the lifeline national verifier page. This is because cricket does not in any way determine who’s eligible for the program or not. Below are steps on how to enroll for cricket wireless ACP:

Existing cricket customer

  • Visit the federal communications commission page and tap “apply now”
  • You will be redirected to the lifeline national verifier application form
  • Fill ACP application form by providing your correct personal details like name, date of birth, identity verification and home address
  • Attach eligibility documents and submit the form
  • Get approval from the national verifier and visit this page
  • From the page, fill the enrollment form by entering your phone number to get started.
  • Submit the form and receive a link with your benefit form.

New cricket customer 

  • Visit the page and tap “apply now”
  • You will be redirected to the lifeline national verifier application form
  • Fill ACP application form by providing your correct personal details like name, date of birth, identity verification and home address
  • Attach eligibility documents and submit the form
  • Get approval from the national verifier and visit Cricket ACP enrollment page to enroll
  • Once approved, cricket will transfer ACP benefits to you.

Note that every eligible household is limited to one ACP benefit per service month. Also, you can’t transfer these benefits from one household member to another.

What Benefits Do I Get If I Qualify For The Cricket Wireless ACP?

As stated earlier, cricket wireless provides a monthly discount of up t0 $30 to ACP qualified customers. You can opt to apply this monthly discount on data only plan or eligible data, talk and text plan with cricket wireless. This allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

Eligible data / talk and text plans

  • 5GB plan for free: This plan has an original price of $30 per month. After applying cricket wireless ACP benefits to this plan, you will pay nothing per month to access 5GB of high speed data.
  • 10 GB plan at a discounted price of $10 per month: The initial price of this plan was $40 per month. After applying ACP $30 monthly discount on this plan, you will need to pay only $10 per month to enjoy 10GB high speed data
  • Unlimited data plan at a discounted price of $25 per month: This is another cheap plan from cricket wireless with an original price of $55. Upon applying ACP $30 monthly discount on this plan, you will incur $25 per month only, to enjoy unlimited high speed data from cricket wireless.
  • Unlimited data with mobile hotspot at a discounted price of $30: This plan offers unlimited data, 15 GB mobile hotspot and 150 GB of cloud storage. The original price of this plan is $60 but ACP savings makes it available for only $30 per month.
  • Unlimited multi-line plan for only $70 per month: This is a family plan that allows you to use up to 4 lines for only $70 per month. When you bring two lines, the plan costs $50 per month after applying ACP discounts.

Data only plans

  • 100 GB plan: This is a data only plan that gives you the benefit of 100GB data for only $25 per month. For non-ACP customers, the plan cost $55 per month but ACP discounts reduces its price to $25.
  • 20 GB plan: This is another data plan that gives you 20 GB of data for just $5 per month. This is after applying your ACP savings reducing its price from $35 to $5 per month

Already I am In Existing EBB Customers In Cricket Wireless What Can I Do?

If you were already enrolled for cricket wireless EBB at the time of transition, you will continue receiving your EBB benefits as usual within a 60 days transition period.

What States Does Cricket Wireless ACP Facility Available

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • California
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont among others

How Do I Get National Verifier Information?

The easiest way to apply and get approval information is by applying for ACP through the Federal communications commission page. Once approved, the national verifier will communicate to you through your email, contact number provided in the application of indirectly through your service provider. You can also contact 833-511-0311 to inquire any necessary information from the national verifier. 

How Much Time Take To Get A Response From The National Verifier?

In most cases, the national verifier gives a response within minutes. However, it can also take several days to get a response. This mostly happens if there was an error in your application that needs a reconfirmation.

Can I Have ACP And Lifeline At The Same Time?

Yes. Although ACP and lifeline are both FCC programs, they operate separately. You are considered eligible for ACP if you are a lifeline beneficiary. This makes it possible to receive benefits from both programs at the same time.