How Does Cricket Wireless Phone Replacement Work

Cricket wireless is a very reliable and popular wireless service company in the US. The provider offers a wide range of services including cell phone plans, special deals for existing and current customers. Besides, the company provides several brands and models of cell phones. Perhaps I accidentally lost, damaged, or broke my cricket cellphone, what happens? This is a very commonly asked question among cricket wireless users.

As we all know, cellphones are a vital part of our day-to-day life. This makes them costly to acquire. Therefore, accidentally damaging or losing one will hurt your pocket. As a result, cellphones should be protected. Back to our question, if you accidentally lost or broke your cricket wireless phone, you are lucky. This is because you can easily replace it with the help of cricket protection. Either new or refurbished, replacing your phone with cricket protect is so straightforward. To know more about cricket replacement phone, follow our guide step by step.

How Do You Replace Your Phone With Cricket Wireless?

As stated earlier, replacing your phone with cricket wireless is so simple. The question is how? This is through cricket wireless protection. Besides, you can have a cricket replacement phone through the manufacturer’s warranty. Below is a detailed guide on how to replace your cricket wireless phone.

1. Cricket replacement phone through warranty

You can get a cricket replacement phone through a warranty. In most cases, cricket phones are given a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. However, other cricket phones carries a two-year warranty. For instance, cricket Influence or cricket Ovation. Besides, cricket refurbished phones come with 3 months warranty.

This means you can get a cricket replacement phone within the warranty periods mentioned above. Warranty claims start after the given 7 days return period. However, not that all cricket phones qualify to replace through a warranty. Warranty replaces the following phones:

  • Phones with manufacturing defects.
  • Phones with software failures.
  • Phones that stopped working with no user’s fault.

 It excludes the following phones:

  • Phone that are adjusted or changed in any way
  • Phones without serial numbers and labels
  • Damaged phones through spills or immersion
  • Damaged phones from drops or accidents
  • Damaged phones as a result of negligence
  • Damaged phones through wear and tear among others.

Points to note;

  • You can’t get cricket replacement phone after warranty period expiration.
  • Warranty terms and conditions are subject to change and vary according your country.

 Below is the cricket replacement phone process through warranty.

Warranty claim process

  • Visit
  • Tap ‘’create claim’’
  • Enter your telephone number
  • Enter your previous phone IMEI number and follow subsequent procedure.
  • Your claim will be inspected and once approved, a similar model of phone will be shipped to you.
  • You can also call cricket wireless returns center on 1-800 (274-2538) for help on your warranty claims.

2. Cricket replacement phone through cricket protect

Cricket protect is a program that allows you to protect your device for easy and convenient replacement. The program protects you from buying a new phone after damaging or misplacing your older phone. Cricket protect requires you to pay $8 every month with a service fee of $10 to $250 on every approved claim. However, this deductible varies with your phone model. With this plan, you get the following:

  • A new or refurbished phone.
  • Standard battery, standard charger and a SIM card.
  • $29 cracked screen repair that allows you to select your convenient repair shop
  • A one year limited repair warranty
  • MyPhotoVault with 16GB storage.

3. Through Cricket protect plus

Similar to cricket protect, protect plus helps you to protect your phone for easy replacement. Besides the phone, you will also protect all the memories or content on it for only $11 per month. This is followed by $10 to $250 deductible fee on every approved claim. With this plan, you get:

  • A new or refurbished phone.
  • A SIM card, charger, standard battery.
  • MyExpert app access that allows you to reach a tech expert to help transfer your content and set up your new replaced phone.
  • MyPhotoVault app that gives your phone unlimited storage space. It also makes it easy to share your photos and videos.
  • Unlimited $29 cracked scree repair with a convenient repair tech/ location
  • One year limited screen repair warranty.

Information Needed To Replace Your Cricket Phone

When applying for cricket protection claim, you should provide the following information:

  • Device’s phones number.
  • Device’s model number.
  • Billing address of the account holder.
  • Your credit or debit card to deduct the service fee.
  • Date, location and time you lost/ damaged your phone.
  • Other relevant incident details.

Eligible cricket protect phones

  • Accidentally broken phones.
  • Liquid immersion or spills damaged phones.
  • Phones lost through a mysterious disappearance.
  • Stolen phones.
  • Out- of – warranty malfunctioned phones.
  • In-warranty phones.

Non-eligible cricket protect phones

Although cricket protect helps to replace lost or damaged phones, not all lost/ damaged phones are eligible. Below is a list of excluded phones.

  • Phones that are not covered by cricket protect plans.
  • Phone that are lost when in transit from non-authorized seller.
  • Phones with altered unique identification number.
  • Phones lost in the event of an illegal trade.
  • Phones damaged from any unauthorized repair.
  • Phones lost or damaged from any intentional, dishonesty or fraudulent act by the owner.

What To Do After You Lost Your Cricket Phone

Perhaps you lost or misplaced your cricket phone, there are a few things to do before claiming for a replacement. They include:

  • Use google android manager and try to locate your phone.
  • Use iCloud or ‘’find my phone’’ feature and try to locate your iPhone.
  • Use a different phone to call your phone number and hear who picks it.
  • Call cricket wireless customer care service to help trace or block the phone.
  • Still don’t find it? Deactivate autopay services immediately.
  • Finally, file a protect claim to replace your phone.

How To File A Protect Claim

To claim for cricket replacement phone through cricket protect, follow the following procedure;

  • Make a call on 855-309-8342 to confirm eligibility or any other assistance.
  • Alternatively, you can visit and fill the claim form
  • Start your claim by tapping ‘’get started’’.
  • Provide all the required information.
  • Pay the deductible.
  • Wait for approval.
  • After approval, your new phone will be shipped within the next business day.
  • Activate your phone for use.

Cricket Replacement Eligibility Rules

To qualify for a cricket wireless replacement phone, you must remain eligible for cricket protection. Below are cricket protection eligibility rules;

  • You must not been involved with any fraud case.
  • You must not have engaged in any disrespectful abuse act.
  • You must have an active and valid communication services that are activated directly from cricket wireless.
  • Your older phone must be designated by cricket wireless or eligible for BYOD replacement.
  • Your CAN coverage certificate benefits must not be exhausted

Things To Know Before Replacing Your Cricket Phone

1. Know and understand replacement terms and rules

As seen above, there are distinct ways to replace your cricket phone. You can replace it through warranty, cricket protect or cricket protect plus. However, these replacement methods are guided by varying terms and conditions. They also have distinct phone eligibility rules. Therefore, know and understand your selected claim before replacing your phone. To understand more about cricket protection terms and conditions, visit

2. Method of replacement

While replacing your cricket phone, you should keenly understand your method of replacement. Cricket phone replacement through warranty is so different from cricket protection. Mostly, warranty phones are limited to one or two years. The process is free. However, the warranty excludes phones that are broken or lost. It strictly replaces phones with manufacture’s defect

Alternatively, when using the cricket protect method, you should understand that the process is not free. You should pay a monthly and deductible fee. Therefore, it’s important to understand this before replacing your phone with cricket wireless.

3. Timing

Timing is another important factor to consider when filling a replacement claim. This is because your claim timing determines the day to receive your cricket replacement phone. For instance, claims that are completed before 7 PM ET on weekdays are delivered the next day. If you fill your claim on Saturday before 12 PM ET, you should wait for your phone delivery on Monday. Finally, when you claim for the phone on Sunday, you should wait for it on Tuesday.

4. State

Your state of residency is also important to consider when replacing your cricket phone. After replacing, phone deliveries are not the same in all states. For instance, replacement phones are delivered the next day after submitting the claim. This excludes states like Hawaii, Alaska, U.S Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Phones from these states can’t be delivered the next day.

Cricket BYOD Replacement Phones

Although not all, some BYOD phone models are eligible for replacement through cricket protection. Below are examples of BYOD-eligible phones.

  • iPhone XS max : You can enroll this BYOD phone in cricket protect and qualify to replace it in case of damage or theft. Luckily, all models and colors of these phones are eligible for cricket replacement. The phone is available in gold, silver, gray colors. Its available models are 64, 256, and 512 GB.
  • iPhone 11 : All models and colors of this phone are also eligible for cricket replacement through cricket protect. Available models are 63, 128, 256 GB, and available colors are black, yellow, green, and white.
  • iPhone SE : This waterproof BYOD phone also qualifies to replace under cricket wireless protection. Luckily, you can replace all its colors and models. Available models are 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB while available colors are black white, and red.
  • iPhone 8 and 8 plus : Both of these two BYOD iPhones are also eligible for replacement through cricket protect. Luckily, you can replace all colors of these phones. Available colors are silver, gold, and space gray. Unfortunately, only the 64 and 256GB models are eligible for replacement.
  • Galaxy s10 : All models and colors of this phone are eligible for cricket protection. Its available colors are prism black, cardinal red, prism silver, prism blue, prism green among others. Available models are 128GB and 512 GB.
  • Galaxy s9 : All models and colors of this phone are also eligible for cricket replacement. The phone is available in one ROM model of 64 GB. Its available colors are lilac purple, midnight black, and coral blue.

List Of Other BYOD Phones That Are Eligible For Cricket Replacement

  • iPhone XS ( all models and colors)
  • iPhone XR ( all models and colors)
  • iPhone X ( all models and colors)
  • iPhone 7 and 7 plus ( 32/ 128 GB models and all colors)
  • iPhone 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus ( 16, 64, 128 GB models and all colors)
  • Samsung galaxy S8 ( 64 GB model)
  • Samsung S7 ( 32 GB model)

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace your cricket wireless phone?

This depends on your method of replacement. For instance, if you are replacing through a warranty, the process is free. If you use cricket protection, you will spend $8 or $11. This comes with a $10 to $250 service fee.

Can I get cricket phone replacement outside USA?

No. if you are a non-USA resident, you are not eligible for cricket protection. This is because this plan is available only in the US. However, it allows replacement on phones that were stolen or damaged outside the USA.

Are there cricket replacement phone limits?

Yes. There are limitations to the number of times you can replace a phone with cricket protection. You can only replace your phone up to 3 times within 12 months. Also, the replacement cost should not exceed $2500 per claim.

Do cricket wireless replace all types of phones?

No. Not all cricket phone models qualify for replacement through cricket protection. For instance, certified like new models and less expensive phone models are not eligible for replacement. 

Where can I claim for cricket replacement phone?

You can claim your cricket protect phone online from cricket wireless official site Also, you can visit any cricket in-store and replace your phone

Final Verdict

Cricket replacement phone saves you a huge replacement fee. Also, the process is easy and straightforward. After filling a replacement claim, you can either get a brand new or refurbished phone. Luckily, your new phone comes with the same quality and worthiness as your older phone. However, the color, brand, features, and model can differ depending on their availability. Replace your cricket phone today and continue enjoying its convenience. You can call cricket customer service on 1-855-309-8342 for any questions or guidance on cricket replacement phone.