Federal Employee Discounts Verizon – Upto 25%

Are you a public servant, a university student, or a big company in the United States? If so, we have fantastic news! Verizon Wireless provides you with more discounts on its various plans. This can come as a surprise, as neither Verizon nor the U.S. government would like to market these savings. In most cases, you might not have heard it before. It is time for these secret discounts to shine the light and save you some of your money.

Verizon Wireless offers a range of discounts in most of their plans. Most of them include up to 25% off monthly telephone plans and accessories. There is a chance of obtaining $15 off one line, $35 off two, and $40 on three. You can also get the $40 on multiple lines for Go, Beyond, and Above unlimited plans. This means you can save up to 25% on your personal monthly telephone or Internet cost. However, it depends on what you do and where you work!

So, to know more about these Federal Employee Discounts by Verizon, read this article till the end. We hope it will help you if you fit in the above categories. Also, note that all these discounts vary in different states.

Verizon Government Employee Discounts in the United States

Verizon Federal employee discounts vary according to the branch of the government you serve. Also, the location that you live in may affect the discount you can get. So, you must be able to locate your employer’s or organization’s discount. To help you, we have this list of the best Verizon Wireless Government employee discounts.

Requirements for one to qualify for a discount

You can call Verizon if you qualify or would like to verify your eligibility for any of the savings. Verizon will need your work address. Additionally, you can contact customer service if you are a state employee.

  1. Members of the active military need only to show their status by providing proof of evidence. This includes a military-issued email, military paystub, and military enlistment DD Form 4. They can also provide SCRA Status Report. Once you provide this, you will be eligible for these discounts.
  2. If you are a Military Veterans, you can present a DD Form 214 or Veteran’s Identification Card. Other documents are Military Retiree Account Statement or a Veterans Advantage VetRewards Card.
  3. People eligible for the First Responders discount have to provide some documents. They can be a paystub, pension stub, and volunteer identification. You can also provide a Statement of Volunteer service.

For you to qualify, you will need to have a company email for verification. Unfortunately, your company may not be having a company email for verification. If you are a victim of such, contact Verizon customer support for help. Once you submit your verification, they will apply the discount immediately. Additionally, you will also get modifications to your monthly bill.

Below are some of these discounts that Verizon offers

United States Military Discount

This discount is for the US Armed Forces. All citizens that are in Armed Forces qualify to be in US federal military forces. So, anyone in the Armed Forces is eligible for Verizon government employee benefits. Verizon. As an employee, you can save between 15% and 25% on your plan. This includes the voice, internet data, text, and any accessories plans. The discount is not branch-specific and is open to all military personnel.

Veteran Discounts

The savings do not end when you leave the military. Veterans still receive a 15% discount on all Verizon plans. This type of discount benefits people who have since retired from active duty. Only they should be receiving a regular military income to qualify for this discount.

Verizon has a fail-safe measure to avoid customer loss. The measure ensures that businesses do not lose former military customers. This is maybe due to rate increase or other factors. This is if the customers are still eligible for a discount. As with the military discount, the Veteran’s discount helps Verizon build its brand. This is by demonstrating to customers that they care about the well-being of all citizens.

United States Postal Service

This is a federally chartered independent agency responsible for providing postal services. It includes letter and package sending, sorting, and delivering mail. They also sell postal items such as stamps, mailing supplies, and commemoratives. Verizon gives a minimum discount of 22% and a maximum discount of 25% to USPS employees. This is on both their monthly phone and voice data package. So, if you work in USPS, contact Verizon to start receiving this discount.

Federal Employee discount

Any Federal Government employee discounts in the US are eligible for a 15% discount on Verizon wireless plans. This is in addition to the 25% accessory discount given to all customers. While this is on the lesser end of the savings available, it helps to reduce the burden of an excessive phone bill.

Educator Discount

The education sector is one among many that have a higher task force. Teachers and professors from various colleges and universities are eligible for Verizon discounts. They are among the many groups of government workers lobbying for greater benefits. This is different with the teachers and professors who work at partnering colleges. They are only eligible for up to a 20% discount on Verizon services.

The discount is not fully integrated and may not be available to all educators. Your school must be already contracted with Verizon Wireless. Besides, they should be having an agreement in place. You can contact Verizon support once you verify the service with the school. Also, you will present them with your school email to receive access to potential savings.

First Responder Discount

One of the most recent discount add-ons from Verizon is the First Responder discount. You will get it whether they are current staff, retirees, or volunteers. The discounts are eligible to area police, firemen, and EMS professionals. The deal gives $15 off your account for one single unlimited line and $35 off two lines. If you have three or more lines you will receive $40 off for all. With this, they besides allow mixing of their varied plans. This is one of the best discounts available from Verizon.

You either need to log in or establish a new account. After this, you will then upload the required documents for you to qualify. It may be a pay stub, pension stub, voluntary ID, or voluntary statement.

Texas State Employee Discount

Verizon offers exceptional discounts to the Texas State government employees. The employees can save 35% on their monthly phone costs. This also includes wireless broadband. They can also save 25% on electronic accessories sold in-store. The possibilities are virtually endless. This is because they include phone cases, charging cables, and wireless chargers. Also, you will receive discounts on high-priced accessories as mentioned.

California State Employee discount

Verizon gives a 15% to 25% discount to state-employed California citizens. They qualify for a 15% reduction on their monthly internet and voice internet bills. California employees must give their employee’s email addresses to qualify. Also, you must provide documents of their state employment.

New York State Employee discount

New York is another recipient of a large Verizon Wireless discount. They give a minimum discount of 19% and a maximum discount of 25% to all New York State employees. The 19% discount applies to voice and internet service. The 25% discount applies to all accessories. Verizon offers a somewhat short turnaround time in this state. So, you can expect to receive an offer within three days of entering your information.

Colorado State Employee Discount

Colorado State University employees can enjoy comparable discounts to New York ones. This falls behind by only 1%. They can enjoy a least an 18% discount on both voice and data plans. Also, they can enjoy a 25% discount on accessories. As a Colorado State employee, it would be prudent to investigate this offer.

Pennsylvania State Employee Discount

If you work for the Pennsylvania State government, you may qualify for a Verizon discount. As an employee, you can save 18% on phone plans and 25% on accessories. This discount may seem insignificant to many. However, upon considering how much phone accessories cost, the savings quickly mount up. So, if you are an employee here, consider approaching Verizon for a discount.

Illinois State Employee Discount

Verizon Wireless frequently offers discounts to Illinois State employees. This includes an 18% discount on their voice and internet contracts. This is contrary to other states that participate in Verizon Wireless discounts. With an Illinois, both current and retired military members can get a discount.


As you can see, Verizon Wireless offers a variety of deals. It is critical that you, the consumer, are fully informed of every available discount. This will help in saving more on phone services and accessories. We hope you have found this list of government employee discounts useful. If yes, then choose one that favors you and start saving with Verizon.