Best Five Firefly Phone For Kids

As a concerned parent, it’s always a puzzle on whether to give your kid a cell phone or not. . This is because, in most cases, phones can expose your child to the dangers of the internet as well as destruct their studies. However, as a parent, it’s important to get in touch with your child especially when away. Your greatest concern is, if I get my child a phone, will he use it appropriately? If that’s your situation, then worry not. This is because firefly cell phone for kids have made their way in the market. To know more about these phones, follow our guide to the latter.

Do Firefly Phones Really Protect Kids?

Yes. These phones are so effective in protecting your kids. Before digging deep into that, let’s first understand what a firefly phone is. A firefly phone is a small cell phone that is specifically meant for kids and programmed by the parents or guardian through a parental control PIN. The phone is shaped to fit well in kid’s palm, comes with a special mom and dad key and geared to children of 6 to 12 years.

Back to our question, do firefly phones really protect kids? Yes. This is because it is inscribed with a small phone book that allows few contacts and a control pin for parents to control who to add on your contact list. This also ensures that you can control who your kids are calling or texting. Besides, it has a call screening option to ensure your kid can’t call anyone whose contact is out of the address book.

Also, the phone has no internet capability. This protects your kids from accessing or downloading unwanted content from the internet.

5 Best Firefly Phone Specifications and Features

Among many brands of firefly phones in the market, deciding which one to buy can be hectic. However, you should always be observant of the phone’s features and specifications to avoid frustrations. Among many, we have selected the top best five firefly phones to consider;

1. Firefly cell phone for kids

 Firefly cell phone for kids is an incredible phone to gift your child. The phone is easily available and possible to get from stores like Amazon. Why is it the best? First off, the latter is so effective when it comes to protecting your child. This is because it has tight safety measures that entail parental programmable storage that allows only 20 contact numbers. This phone book is also secured with a PIN for parents to access and control who to call.

Firefly cell phone for kids

As if not enough, it is easy to use with a comfortable LCD screen display with 7 different backlight colors to entice your child. In addition, this device is light in weight, weighing just 1.15 pounds. This makes it light and easy to hold. It also has a great battery life that allows up to 6 hrs of talk time before recharge.

  • It’s light and less bulky to hold.
  • It has tight safety parental control measures.
  • Has large LCD display.
  • Complains that the later does not come with a user guide.
  • It has no messaging and downloading services.

2. Firefly mobile glowPhone black unlocked cell phone

Do you need to monitor or get in touch with your child while away? Buying him this gadget is a great idea. Basically, this device is super appealing to many parents, so, trust it. Why is it the best? It is dial protected with a PIN to restrict your child’s outgoing or incoming calls. Also, it has a safety parental lock on text messages that allows you to lock and unlock messaging services from your kid’s phone.

Firefly mobile glowPhone black unlocked cell phone

Additionally, the device is inscribed with a number of easy-to-use features. First off, it has an avatar to help attach an image to each contact for easy calling. In addition, it has easy navigation keys indicated as ‘pick up’ ‘hang up’ ‘man’ woman. These symbols make it easy to pick, hang up or make calls to respective genders beyond your mom or dad.

When it comes to entertainment, this device is also an icon. It has four inbuilt games with an audible loudspeaker to make the gaming more interesting. You can also preload MIDI ringtones or download JPEG wallpapers to make your phone more appealing. Last but not least, the key has other additional features like 911 emergency call services, flashlight, and voicemail key.

  • It has strict parental control features.
  • Easy navigation keys
  • Has entertainment games
  • It has mom and dad special dial keys
  • It has no downloading features.

3. Firefly mobile glowPhone 45

This amazing device is best for kids because it has pin protection features that allow parents to restrict who the kid is calling, texting or receiving calls from. The device is also small and light to comfortably hold without strain.

Firefly mobile glowPhone 45

Through the phone, calling your mum or dad is very easy. Thanks to its easy navigation keys with a mom and dad visualizers to enhance easy dialing.

Besides, you can have great time with its 4 inbuilt games that are meant to entertain you. During an emergency, kids can call for help through the easy to notice emergency dial button.

  • It is unlocked
  • Has parental control measures
  • Easy to make and receive calls
  • It works only in US.

4. GSM firefly mobile cell phone for kids

This is a GSM-enabled firefly phone for kids that uses 2 G network on its services. The phone compacts well with service providers like T-mobile that ensures you have nothing less of reliable services.

GSM firefly mobile cell phone for kids

Also, it is light in weight and small in size for kids to hold easily. Manufactured by the great firefly manufacture, this phone is therefore legit and reliable to consider.

  • Made from a reputable manufacture
  • Light in weight
  • small and convenient for kids to hold
  • 2 G network is quite slow.

5. Blue unlocked firefly cellular phones

We close our list with this amazing firefly phone that is vastly designed for kids. The product is best in that; it has a 4 digit pin code that helps you to control your kids contact list, blocking and restricting unwanted calls. Its ring tone is also selected by the parent with amazing tones that are well audible even in noisy environs.

Blue unlocked firefly cellular phones

Also, it has a robust display that is firm and scratch resistance. In addition, it has an indicator that helps your kid to see all missed calls and return them back. It’s also light to carry and arrives with an AC adapter as an additional accessory.

  • Tight parental control measures.
  • Light in weight and easy to hold
  • Has missed call notification services.
  • Its well audible
  • Quite small display
  • It has no user manual

Benefits of Firefly Phones

  • Parental peace of mind: The latter gives peace of mind to parents. As a parent, you can check and reach out to your kids while away. It also eliminates the fear of bad exposure as you can control and monitor what your kid is doing with the phone.
  • Guarantees child’s safety: Firefly phones have tight parental control features that guarantee your kids safety from unwanted internet content. Also, these phones have parental PIN code that protects your kids from unwanted incoming calls and texts.
  • Gives child freedom: As much as handing your child a phone might be dangerous, it brings out a sense of freedom in them. Firefly phones for kids gives your kid a substantial measure of freedom while still protecting them from unhealthy exposure.
  •  Provides entertainment: These phones are inscribed with entertainment games to occupy your kid’s free time. Most of these phones have mp3 players, mini USB ports and headphone jack to listen to music or videos.

Disadvantages of Firefly Phones

  1. Poor battery life. Generally, these phones come with a poor battery that goes up to 6 hours. This means you have to recharge your phone several times in a day.
  2. Kids outgrow them. These phones are specially designed for kids between 6 to 12 years. Therefore, when your kid grows, you have to replace it.
  3. Claims have it that the phone is super fragile. It is made of plastic and light materials that are so easy to scratch or break.

How to Unlock Firefly Phone for Kids

To unlock your kid’s firefly phone, follow the following steps.

  • Ensure you have an extra SIM card from a different service provider rather than your original carrier.
  • Insert your extra SIM card in your phone.
  • You will see a command asking you to enter SIM unlock pin.
  • In your phone, feed your unlock code then press okay.
  • You will be informed that your phone is unlocked successfully.

Firefly Mobile Customer and Billing Contact Info

Good news; if you have a question or complaint about your firefly phone, you can directly call their customer service for assistance. Although their services are not always available, you can contact them any day from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 pm Eastern Time zone. You can also call them on Saturdays from, 9 AM to 1 PM EST. Their contact is 1-800-347-3359.

They also allow emailing services through their email customer service. Although there is no direct email address, you can send them your help desk ticket through online contact form. Also, if you have a question, you can visit their firefly mobile FAQS section where you will get some answers for frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are firefly phones expensive?

Firefly phones are not as expensive as standard cell phones. These phones are quite cheap with a price starting from 49.99$. In addition, you can get cheap calling plans for just 5 $ in a month. There are other plans that include;

  • 65$ for unlimited call services.
  • 15$ for 100 call minutes
  • 10$ for 67 minutes among others.

Are firefly phones unlocked?

Yes. Firefly phones are unlocked, thus compatible with any SIM card. This makes it convenient for kids to reach out to their parents or guardians easily. This is regardless of them using SIM cards from different service providers.

What is the common dial keys found on firefly phones?

For easy navigation, firefly phones have five main keys. These keys are ‘begin call’ that is colored green to make a general call. ‘end call’ key that is marked red, ‘phone book’ key with a blue opened book icon that is meant to open your contact list, ‘call mom’ key with a blue woman icon and ‘call dad’ key with a blue man icon. Some phones also have 911 emergency services key and an animation key to display any set of animation found in the menu.3.