Get Cintex Wireless Free iPhone By Follow The Steps

Cintex wireless is one of the leading mobile service providers in the US, serving millions of consumers. It is a proud Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and lifeline carrier that offers qualified applicants an array of free services. Among its services, Cintex offers free monthly deals and discounted plans to customers willing to top up. Amazingly, the company has no contracts and no hidden fees. They also provide amazing customer service to appreciate their clients.

Besides, they offer 4G and 5G LTE-enabled smartphones for free. Among their smartphones, you can get a free iPhone. In this page, we bring you a step-by-step process of getting Cintex Wireless free iPhone. To know more, read to the end!

How Can You Get Cintex Wireless Free iPhone?

Cintex Wireless is one of the best and reliable government service provider in America. The company gives out free android phones and iPhone to qualified users in support of the government. This is through Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and lifeline program. Therefore, you can get Cintex Wireless free iPhone from lifeline or Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a government program that was formulated to reduce broadband service monthly bills to eligible users. This is through Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) participating carriers. From the program, you can get free unlimited data, unlimited talk, unlimited texts and free iPhone from carriers like Cintex Wireless.

On the other hand, lifeline is a FCC program that was formulated to make communication services free or affordable through participating carriers. The program offers free plans and free phones through carriers like Cintex Wireless. From the phones, you can grab yourself an iPhone for free.

How To Apply For Cintex Wireless Free iPhone

Online is the easiest and most convenient way of applying for Cintex Wireless free iPhone. This is through Cintex Wireless official website Below is the procedure;

  • From your browser, search
  • You will be redirected to Cintex Wireless sign up page.
  • Enter your Zip Code and email
  • Tap the box written ‘’sign up now’’
  • Here, you will be redirected to ‘’get my free phone’’ application form
  • From the form, type in your correct personal information
  • Attach your eligibility proof
  • Select your preferred iPhone and plan
  • Preview your form and submit
  • Wait for your application to be verified by the government secure system
  • Once approved, Cintex Wireless will inform you
  • Your free iPhone will be shipped to you along with a sim card
  • Get your free iPhone within 7-10 days.

Things to note:

  • Not everyone is qualified to apply for Cintex Wireless free iPhone. Therefore, you must meet a number of requirements before application.
  • When you apply while not qualified, your application will be declined automatically.
  • You can visit these two pages and check out Cintex Wireless qualification requirements before applying: or
  • Alternatively, we have highlighted those requirements below to make things easier for you. Check them out.

Cintex Wireless Free iPhone Qualification Requirements

To qualify for Cintex Wireless, you must be eligible for Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) or Lifeline program. Here are the qualifications.

Lifeline qualifications

  1. Income qualification : To qualify, you must have a gross household income of not more that 135% of the federal poverty level. That means 135%or less. However, note that the federal poverty guideline is altered every year. It also varies in different states. Therefore. Always check the annual federal poverty guideline chart every year to confirm your eligibility.
  2. Program eligibility : This is where you qualify based on government aid program participation. Some of these programs are: Medicaid, supplemental nutrition assistance program, supplemental security income, veterans and survivors pension benefit, federal public housing assistance program, tribal head start, food distribution program on Indian reservations and Bureau of Indian Affairs Genera assistance.
  3. Household eligibility : This is where lifeline eligibility is allowed per household. Therefore, your total household income is determined by the size of your household. Basically, this is anyone who shares income or household expenses in a certain address.
  4. Age eligibility : To qualify for lifeline, you must be an adult of 18Years and above. However, minors below 18 Years are also allowed to the program. Below 18 years are accepted on condition that they are emancipated minors.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) eligibility

  • You qualify automatically if you have been approved for lifeline
  • You qualify if you have a household income of %200 of poverty guideline
  • You qualify if you have received a federal Pell grant
  • You qualify if you have experienced a substantial loss of income
  • You qualify if you have been approved to benefit from free school- lunch or breakfast program

Documents That You Need To Get Cintex Wireless Free iPhone

  • Government aid program participation approval or benefits award letter
  • Annual income document. For instance, federal or tribal tax returns of your previous year, unemployment, or worker’s compensation statement of benefit.
  • A birth certificate, driver’s license, certificate of U.S citizenship, or green card to prove your age
  • A social security card to prove your social security number
  • Utility bill or any related document to show your address
  • Your current paystub or any other document that holds your first and last name. This is to prove your identity or prove you are alive.

List of Free iPhone Offer By Cintex Wireless

After applying for your free iPhone and getting approved, you can get the following types of iPhone.

1. iPhone 6 GSM

IPhone 6 is the eighth generation of iPhones and is given to eligible consumers for free from Cintex Wireless. Released in 2014, this iPhone has intriguing and satisfying features.

It features a lasting battery that allows video fanatics to enjoy 10 continuous hours of use on an airplane mode. It also features 8MP back camera and 1.2 MP front camera that produces quality and clear pictures

What’s interesting!

  • The phone runs on iOS 8 that can be upgraded to IOS 9.2
  • It has quality control feature and a flashlight on the cameras for quality pictures.
  • It has a GPS and other features like Bluetooth and mobile hotspot
  • Has 4.7-inch screen display with LED backlight and 16M colors.

2. iPhone 6S GSM

This is another incredible Cintex Wireless free iPhone. Although old, it’s still an amazing phone with effective features. With the phone, you can capture beautiful live photos with a single press. This is thanks to its 12MP back and 5MP front camera, which helps you enjoy live moments.

After capturing your moments, storage won’t be an issue. This is made possible by 2GB RAM and 4 versions of internal storage capacity. These are: 16GB, 32GB, 64 and 128 GB.

What’s interesting!

  • It has a 1715 mAh battery that allows several hours of use.
  • Features an ion-strengthened touchscreen display glass that is oleo-phobic coated
  • Up to 128 GB internal storage capacity to store content without lagging your phone.
  • Has amazing cameras

Are There Other Ways Of Getting a Free iPhone?

Yes. In case you don’t qualify for a free iPhone from Cintex Wireless but in dire need of one, fret not. This is because there are other alternative ways to get a free iPhone. Below are some of these ways:

  • Try a different carrier that provides free iPhones from the government
  • Get a free iPhone by offering to become a free marketing agent
  • You can get a free iPhone after being a reviewer
  • You can luckily win a free iPhone from giveaway contests

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What free plans come with Cintex Wireless free iPhone?

Besides free iPhones, Cintex Wireless offers free monthly plans to eligible consumers. These free plans offer everything unlimited. That means unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and unlimited data. With the plans, you also get to enjoy call waiting services, free 911 call, 3 way calling, caller ID, text and picture messaging among others.

After getting your Cintex Wireless free iPhone, how do you activate it?

To activate your free iPhone, dial 611 then tap ‘’3’’. After, Cintex Wireless will send you a message. The message inform you that your phone is activated and ready for use.

Do Cintex Wireless offer free android phones?

Yes. Besides iPhone, you can get a number of android phones for free from Cintex Wireless. Some of these phones are Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 GSM, Samsung J3, and LG-K10 among others.

Why should you chose Cintex Wireless free iPhone?

The phone comes with free plans that helps you to save on monthly bills. The phone is unlocked and given without a contract. Therefore, you are free to switch carriers anytime. Finally, the phone is given with no hidden fee and no credit check.

Final Say

Cintex Wireless provides free iPhone to all eligible lifeline or Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) participants. However, you need to apply for the phone and attach eligibility proof. After approval, the IPhone will be sent to you. Some of the iPhones come activated while others not. However, you can follow the process described above to activate your free iPhone. Alternatively, you can call Cintex Wireless for assistance through +1 (855) 655-3097 from Monday to Friday 8: 00 am to 8:00 pm CST.