How Can You Rent To Own Exercise Equipment – Complete Guideline

There is no doubt that starting your own gym at home is not cheap. Also, if you have a small business and want to keep up with the latest equipment in the market, it is challenging. You may buy gym equipment and in a short period, they release its advanced version. This renders yours obsolete and you may easily lose clients to your competitors.

If you are facing such tribulations among others, rent to own exercise equipment can bail you out. This program allows you to rent workout equipment with the aim to buy them after some time. The equipment may be for your business or home and the monthly prices are always cheaper.

However, this is not a free or unregulated market. The renting companies have a set criterion that you must satisfy before you can rent their exercise equipment. In this article, we tell you why renting to own may be a better option for you. We will also suggest the best companies you can rent from.

Is It Really Possible, Rent To Own Exercise Equipment?

It is possible to get exercise equipment under rent to own the program. Sometimes you may not need permanent equipment. So, there is no need to spend high buying when you can rent them for a specific time. Sometimes,  you may want to buy but you can’t afford. This is where you enter into a contract where you rent with an option of buying later. The period may vary between 2 to 5 years depending on the owner.

For example, if you want cardio you can rent a treadmill, elliptical, stair stepper, or bike. For gym junkies, there are a couple of equipment you can rent. These include free weights, smith machines, or rope climbers. Also, if you have a home with hardwood floors, you may need a floor mat. Some companies do temporary installation to such floors to protect your floor.

How Do You Rent To Own Exercise Equipment?

Rent to own exercise equipment program allows you to rent a gym machine and pay a monthly leasing fee. It includes an option to buy later. Rent to own program has two parts; leasing and buying options. You will sign a contract of renting an exercise equipment program with the option of buying it. This is before the leasing period ends. The renting period does not require you to have money. The business will give you an option to pay a commitment fee which is in most cases nonrefundable. After the rental period is over, you should be able to buy the equipment. One major advantage of this is you start using your equipment immediately you agree with the business.

5 Best Rent To Own Exercise Equipment Provider

1. A.E.S Fitness

A.E.S Fitness is a fitness company based in New Jersey. It provides its services to the people living in New Jersey and New York City. The company has a variety of fitness equipment. If you like Cardio, it has a treadmill, stair stepper, bike, or elliptical. Also, they offer free weights, smith machines, or rope climbers to the gym fanatics.

A.E.S Fitness also installs temporary floor mats to protect your floors. This is an advantage if you select a room to be a home gym in your home. If you want equipment under rent to own program, the process is simple.

First, you need to select exercise equipment that you want. From there, fill an application form on their website. You can choose from cardio, strength, and accessories. After you submit the form, they will send you a quotation for the equipment you requested and its availability.

2. Rebirth Fitness

This is one of the best companies that you can rent to own exercise equipment from. Rebirth Fitness offers several services like repairing, rentals, and selling parts of machines. It has over 20 years serving customers in the same domain. However, they have a key role in the rental of exercise equipment. Rebirth Fitness is customer-centered and you will have a good experience with them. One uniqueness of it is offering third-party financing. This is an advantage considering that establishing a gym is not easy.

Rebirth Fitness has both cardio and strength equipment from different known brands. Some of the available brands include Life Fitness, Body-Solid, Proco, and Hammer Strength. You can rent equipment for a minimum of 2 months. If you want to get rent to own equipment, you should contact them through 866-965-4653. This is a toll-free number. Also, you can email them to get your order statement and status.

Rebirth Fitness is available in the following states, NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA, ME, and NH. Therefore, if you are in those locations, contact them to get your equipment.

3. FlexShopper

FlexShopper provides many products under lease-to-own program across the country. It offers services like technology systems and furniture. What else did you guess gym equipment? Yes, you are right. It is famous for space conscious gym equipment which saves space for your house. Additionally, it offers high-tech exercise equipment meaning you get modern equipment. If you have ever gone to a gym, you will find a fully installed sound system. Flex Shopper wants you to have a full gym experience at your home. Therefore, you will find the sound equipment in their stores.

Do you want to rent to own exercise equipment from Flex Shopper? Here is the procedure.

  • Apply : Flex Shopper offers you a simple online application that you can take for few minutes. When you fill the form, you stand a chance to get up to the $2500 instant spending limit. Also, this can give you an application of up to $113 per week.
  • Shop : FlexShop is one of the products that have a lot of products for their customers to select. Therefore, after a successful application, you can select from over 85 000 products. Their rental fee is affordable and done weekly.
  • Sign : When you select the product, you will accept the lease agreement. This is the “signature” for your product to be in your house. 
  • Lease town : FlexShopper gives you a chance to own the leased exercise equipment. You are only supposed to pay all your payments for 12 months and own it. However, your affordable weekly payment is normally deducted from the account you provided. So, if you want to own the equipment, meet the discussed requirements and you will own it.

FlexShopper is available in almost most parts of the country. Although, always check their website or contact them to see if they are available in your area.

4. FitDel

FitDel is another company with rent to own exercise equipment program. It offers classic cardio machines which include treadmills and ellipticals. Also, they have other exercise equipment like assault bikes and rowing machines. They also offer space-saving weights.

One unique strength of FitDel is its customers’ ability to select equipment packages. You can select several machines and pay with discounts. The main aim is to enable you have a complete home gym. Also, they have free call and maintenance for those who experience treadmill difficulties. Besides, if you want to change a machine, you will only be required to pay for the delivery or pick up. Then the FitDel team will pick your machine and deliver it for swapping.

The FitDel process of getting the rent to own exercise equipment is not hard.

First step; select the equipment you want. After that, you indicate where you want it installed. The company will then do all the other processes for you. Its services are available in Austin, San Antonio, Waco, and TX.

5. Local Gyms and Studios

This happens in situations where your local gyms or fitness studios shut services. These may be due to pandemics that do not allow mass gathering or sharing of equipment. Also, during long holidays where people are with families. In such scenarios, they may decide to rent equipment for a short period. This happens with small fitness studios to maintain contact with their clients.

Pros and Cons of Rent to Own Exercise Equipment

Different people will bombard you with all sorts of advices whenever you tell them you are looking for exercise equipment. You will be definitely tied between renting or buying the equipment. To help you make an informed decision, here are some of the pros and cons of rent to own program.


  1. Less initial expenditure : The main advantage of rent to own exercise equipment is minimal initial expenditure. Many of the companies do not need you to make a down payment. The leasing fee is on monthly basis.  So, you will definitely have your exercise equipment without affecting your cash flow.
  2. Easier to upgrade your equipment : One of the greatest challenges with buying exercise equipment is their frequent upgrades. This affects mostly people who have small businesses. However, with rent to own exercise equipment, you can upgrade without extra costs. The company you rent from is responsible to ensure you get the equipment of your choice.
  3. Flexible terms : In most cases, when you rent equipment is easy for you to get. This is because you do not need to meet conditions like positive credits. Therefore, if you have a bad credit score, this is a good opportunity for you. Also, the process of rent to own exercise equipment does not need you to take loans for payments. This is because as earlier discussed; you are not buying the equipment.
  4. Time Saving : One of the reasons why rent to own exercise equipment is helpful is time-saving. This is because you do need to secure loans to buy. The product is always ready for use anytime you lease it.
  5. Termination rights : When you are not pleased with the equipment status, you can end the whole contract with the business. This gives you the freedom to always get what is in the market for the best experience. Also, you will advantage to get the modern equipment when they come into the market.
  6. Enough time to raise money : There is an option for buying the equipment later on. So, renting exercise equipment will enable you to raise enough capital to pay for it.


  1. High overall cost : It may seem cheap when you are leasing equipment but it is not cheap overall. When you calculate the total amount, you have paid for the whole leasing period it may be higher. This is applicable if you are renting for a long period. For example, if you rent equipment worth $3000 for 3 years paying $100 per month, you will pay $3600. This is much more than buying the equipment.
  2. You do not own it : When you rent the exercise equipment you are not the owner. This means that to the people who secure loans with their assets this can be a disadvantage to you. The only point the equipment can remain with you is when it becomes obsolete after the rent period. However, this is not common with most gym equipment.
  3. Compulsory to pay for the whole rental period : You may rent exercise equipment and after a while, you stop using it. This does not mean you will not continue paying. The terms are you must pay for the whole renting time even when you are not using the equipment. Some businesses will give you an option to cancel if they change their operation. However, there are termination charges when you cancel.
  4. Maintenance cost : When you rent equipment for exercise, the maintenance is on you. So, in case the equipment damages or in poor condition, you will have to repair it. But some businesses will give an insurance cover in case of damages. However, you will pay for the insurance even when the equipment is in good condition.

Final Word

If you were looking for a gym at home and it seemed difficult, then it is not. There are several options you can get your gym installed at near zero cost. Rent to own exercise equipment rescues people with a negative credit score and those without enough cash to start a complete gym. It does not mean that only such people are eligible for rent to own exercise equipment programs. Rent to own exercise equipment will give you the option to raise your credit score. This means that there is no bank or financial institution involved in the process. So, the ball is on your side to look for what is available and affordable for you.