Simple Mobile Hotspot : Instructions For Setting And Data Plans

Simple Mobile is one of the leading MVNOs with the best-prepaid plans. It also offers incredible unlimited data subscriptions. Their wide coverage gives them an edge over their competitors in the industry. If you have used a Simple Mobile service, you can tell how widespread their network stretches several states. In a bid to capture more clients, Simple Mobile developed a standalone Hotspot device. The gadget aims at eliminating the problems associated with smartphone hotspots. Today, almost everyone needs to use the internet in one way or the other. In offices, homes, and even for social life. Since not always people can afford or access Wi-Fi, creating personal Wi-Fi with a smartphone became common. Those who cannot create with their phones end up using public Wi-Fi which is not secure.

A simple Mobile hotspot is a revolutionary gadget. It can serve an individual’s Wi-Fi-enabled devices for hours. Even if you want to share your internet with others, you can do so without sweating. However, the device can only connect up to 5 users. Beyond this number, you may connect your device but won’t access the internet. You have to wait until a gadget exits the connection to create a space for you.

If you are asking why you need a Simple Mobile hotspot yet you can create one with your phone, look here. First, your phone hotspot strength and stability cannot compare to this hotspot unit. Again, constantly using your phone as your internet source drains your battery. The results will be total damage to your battery.

Comparing it to your home network, this is portable Wi-Fi. You can go with it anywhere you want. When traveling, you can tag along with your magic gadget and access everything you want. Your office files, emails, and social platforms. These factors make Simple Mobile Hotspot an indisputable king of the modern worker. Below, we explore everything you may want to know about this device.

How Does Simple Mobile Hotspot Work?

Simple Mobile Hotspot is a replica of your home Wi-Fi in your pocket. With it, you can connect all nearby Wi-Fi-enabled devices like laptops, smartphones and Tablets. Depending on the Model of your Hotspot, some allow up to 10 stable connections. That’s way high than the average number of Wi-Fi devices you can find in a single household. That means you even allow a few of your friends to use your internet.

Hotspot uses 4G LTE connectivity, this guarantees you strong internet. However, you may notice some variations depending on the number of users on the internet. Whether you want to answer emails, watch a video or play a game, you can do it without hitches.

To get started with your Simple Mobile hotspot, you have to purchase a data plan. Just as you choose your mobile service plan, you do the same according to your needs. Your data is spent every time you power on your device and connect. There are myriad plans with different features which means getting your most suitable plan isn’t hard. All you need to do is consider your needs versus budget and coverage. These factors should lead you to your most suitable plan. If your data consumption per month spirals to several GBs maybe it’s time to consider a Simple Mobile Hotspot.

Moxee Simple Mobile Hotspot

If you’ve surveyed shops for a Mobile hotspot, you may have come across this device. Moxee is a well-known brand in the networking industry. Their Mobile hotspot model is one to admire coming with a powerful battery that can serve you for 7hours nonstop. The recharge time is also under 3 hours. These are awesome features considering the fact that in most cases the device is used while on the move.

Simple Mobile Hotspot
Moxee Mobile Hotspot

If you have wanted to own a mobile hotspot or have been using your smartphone internet and want to transition, this is an awesome choice. The device is sleek with a beautiful design. Its size allows you to carry it whichever way you want. It is too small measuring 2.6” H x 4.4” W x 0.6” D – inches. It is also very light weighing only 4.3 Ounces. Actually, you can even put it in your pocket and walk around comfortably without feeling its weight.

With an icons display interface, you can easily monitor your gadget. Right from data consumption, speed, and battery charge. These are important aspects of your hotspot that you need to monitor to avoid disappointments. Can you imagine depleting your data or battery without a warning? It can be so frustrating or even disastrous. Thankfully, this is not applicable with a Moxee Mobile Hotspot.

Whether you want gaming or a working hotspot, this device can serve you so well. Their 4G LTE capability means you can comfortably undertake even the most internet-demanding tasks like gaming.


  • It has an internal memory of 256MB
  • Boasts of 4G LTE Network and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Connects up to 5 devices
  • It has inbuilt screen indicators
  • When on standby can go 18 days and 7hours when on use
  • You have to buy a service plan to activate

Instructions For Setting Up Your Simple Mobile Hotspot

To set up your Simple Mobile Hotspot, first ensure it is fully charged. After that, you need to choose a service plan to activate it. So, go ahead and buy a data plan which basically you can change when you want. This is what it means when we say that Simple Mobile offers no-contract plans. You can abandon the plan anytime you want.

Now, head to your hotspot web page address provided for the device. This is where you can customize your device. As you do this, remember to set up a user name and password for your Wi-Fi. Without a password, your internet will be accessible to all devices nearby. So, the protection ensures only the people you give password will use your internet. After you’ve changed the default configurations, any device you connect to and enter the correct password will be connected.

Simple Mobile Hotspot Data Plan

Simple Mobile has never been short of non-contract plans. Piggybacking on the T-Mobile network which is a leading carrier in the USA, you can never get it wrong with this MVNO. If you have acquired your Mobile hotspot and you are looking for a plan, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to explore all the available plans from the cheapest 3GB which goes at $25.

Top of the benefits of Simple Mobile is that they offer unlimited data allotment. Therefore, even if you exhaust the high-speed data, you enter the throttled zone. Even though you cannot get high-speed data past your allotment, at least you are not charged for excess data. The throttling is perhaps the biggest downside of the hotspot data plans. However, you can get a data plan without throttling from $50 and above. Basically, the more money you pay, the better allotment you’ll get. So, unless you are ready to pay several dollars, be ready for slow speeds at some point as you use your subscription. Below are the different plans you can go for your small internet stick;

$25/Month unlimited planHas 3GB of dataHigh speeds util depletion of the 3GBYou can still access internet after you deplete your allotment but at lower speeds (normally Kbps)
$30/Month Unlimited PlanHas 7GB of data After you deplete your allotment you can access internet at lower speeds.
$40/Month Unlimited PlanHas 15GB of data The 4G LTE speed goes up to 15GB data You can access speed internet when you deplete your allotment
$50/Month Unlimited PlanNo data throttling. So, you can use as much as you want
$60/Month Unlimited PlanNo data throttling. So, you can use as much as you want

FAQs – Frequently Ask Questions

Does Simple Mobile have an unlimited hotspot plan without throttling?

Yes. Simple Mobile offers two exclusively unlimited plans which has no data throttling. The $50 and $60 plans have no limit to how many GBs one should use. So, if you buy this plan, you enjoy high-speed internet throughout the subscription period.

Are there prepaid hotspots in the market?

The best option for people looking to buy a prepaid hotspot option is buying an unlocked Mobile hotspot. After that, get your preferred prepaid SIM card which gives you a chance to enjoy cheap data. Alternatively, you can buy a MiFi. These devices allow you to use certain carrier SIM cards. Here, you will have the freedom to enjoy your favorite prepaid plan.

Is there a way I can use Wi-Fi without an internet provider?

Yes, there are several ways you can use Wi-Fi without an internet provider. One of the common ways is through public Wi-Fi. Depending on where you are, you may find several open Wi-Fi access points which you can make use of. Although, these networks are very susceptible to malicious attacks. Therefore, if you have another option, try to avoid them.

Another way is through private Wi-Fi hotspots. These are private entities that provide premium prepaid internet access. Here, you don’t need your internet service provider. You just pay for the service and access the provider’s Wi-Fi.

Can I get a hotspot without a service plan?

Yes, it is possible but not with Simple Mobile Hotspot. The only way is to tether your device to your smartphone. You can either use a USB cable or Bluetooth to accomplish that.

Why is the smartphone hotspot not the best?

The use of smartphones for hotspot creation destroys the battery. Additionally, the hotspot created is not strong. If you want to do a task requiring a strong connection may not work well.

What differentiates Wi-Fi and a hotspot?

Wi-Fi refers to connectivity established between wireless devices and an Access point. On the other hand, the hotspot is an area within internet coverage created when an access point connects to the router. They are also less secure than Wi-Fi.

Final Recap

A Simple Mobile Hotspot gives you access to a lightning-fast internet connection. With it, you are literally walking with your home or office Wi-Fi in your pocket. You can access or accomplish any task you want. If your work needs internet, freak no more. When traveling and expect emails from your clients you have a savior. This device almost the size of your flash disk and you’ll be good to go.

Something worth noting though is the speed variance you may notice. Even though the hotspot has 4G capability, your device functionality will affect speeds. Also, the speeds will vary when connecting a single and many devices. A single device will have the highest speed whereas many will have slower.