10 Best SmartPay Straight Talk Phones Payment Plan

Have been looking for answers on whether you can buy a straight talk phone with smartPay? The answer is YES. Before we explain that further, let’s help you understand what smartPay is and how it works with straight talk. Smartpay is a lending company with a lease-to-own payment program that allows customers to get devices and pay later in scheduled installments. It works with several stores, retailers, and companies to make its operation effective. Smartpay allows the leasing of several devices including phones. Therefore, it partners with numerous phone and wireless service companies like straight talk.

 With smartPay Straight Talk phones financing, eligible customers can get phone financing from smartPay to get their desired phones from Straight Talk with a small upfront fee. With this partnership, you can get even the most recent type of phone with very flexible and affordable installment payment. Bear in mind that smartPay leasing is an independent program. Therefore, although you will get your leasing phone from straight talk, the carrier is not party to any transaction. Instead, you will make your respective phone payment directly to smartpay. In our page today, we will guide you through smartPay straight talk phones and how smartPay straight talk phones financing works.

How Does SmartPay Work With Straight Talk?

Smartpay works with straight talk as a payment option. In other words, smartPay helps to break down the high cost of straight talk smartphones into smaller monthly payments to help eligible customers get their phone of choice with ease. Through smartPay lease to own program, customers are able to get straight talk phones without paying it in full amount. Instead, smartPay allows you to make the payment in installments until you fully own it.

To get a Straight Talk phone with SmartPay, you can shop your phone of choice directly from straight talk official website and select SmartPay as a checkout option or apply for lease to own program via SmartPay official website. Once your application is approved, you will pick your phone from straight talk and start making your payments directly to smartpay since straight talk is not liable for that particular transaction.

It’s imperative to note that straight talk limits the types of phones to buy with SmartPay. That means, not all straight talk phones can be bought through the lease to own SmartPay program. However, the good news is that large variety of phone brands are available for purchase. From Nokia, Google, LG, iPhone, Motorola to Samsung phones, there are several types of phones available to purchase from Straight Talk with SmartPay.

Another great advantage of straight talk SmartPay phones is that no credit check is conducted on the applicant. Therefore, Straight Talk will hand over the phone to you regardless of your poor credit score. However, there is an added advantage on customers will excellent credit scores as they receive lower installments with long-term agreements compared to the rest. Also, the transaction has no activation fees or contracts signed.

Qualification Requirements For SmartPay Straight Talk Phones Financing

Similar to every other leasing program in the market, smart pay has several requirements to meet before approval for its phone financing. Below are the qualifications requirements for smart pay straight talk phone financing:

  • You must be an adult of 18 years and above
  • You have a valid social security number or provide an individual taxpayer identification number
  • You must have a valid and up-to-date credit or debit card
  • You must have money in your debit or credit card to make your first payment
  • You must have a minimum monthly income of $1000 before tax deductions.

SmartPay Straight Talk Phones Financing Application Process

The process of applying for straight talk phones is so easy and straightforward. If you are above age, have a valid debit/credit card, and meet other requirements mentioned above, your application approval is guaranteed. As we have mentioned before, you can apply for straight talk phones financing through straight talk online stores or fill an application through SmartPay websites. Below are both ways to apply for smart pay Straight Talk phones financing.

Through SmartPay page

1. Understand your lease agreement

Before anything else, the very first step of applying for SmartPay Straight Talk phones financing should be to read and understand your lease agreement terms and conditions. Before signing anything, it’s paramount to understand the total amount and date of your monthly payments. Also, you should understand your term of agreement or whether there are any hidden fees.

2. Apply through SmartPay official website

This step requires you to visit smartpaylease.com and click “apply now”. You will be redirected to SmartPay lease application form. In the form, you should provide a valid email, mobile number, your name, social security number, date of birth, and ZIP code and tap on “continue”. Follow all the other steps correctly to finalize your application.

3. Shop your phone

Once your application is approved, time is ripe to buy your straight talk phone of choice. To do this, visit a straight talk retailer near you. Alternatively, you can buy your phone of choice through Straight Talk online page.

4. Payout

Once you have selected your phone of choice, select SmartPay as your checkout payment option. Here, you will make the initial payment of the phone using your valid debit/credit card to SmartPay. Note that SmartPay will give you a purchase limit of $1500.

5. Get your handset

Once the initial payment is complete, Straight Talk will hand over the phone to you for use. Note that you will not own that phone completely until you clear all the phone’s balance.

One main challenge of purchasing via SmartPay online page is that the page will not be precise on your expected interest rate. However, you will get a rough estimate of the amount expected to spend.

Through Straight Talk page

Alternatively, you can get SmartPay straight talk phones by visiting straight talk page, selecting your device of choice and add to cart. From the cart, checkout and choose SmartPay as your payment option. Note that you will be required to enter your billing address and other required personal data. Verify your information and tap “continue”. This will redirect you to smartpay official website to complete your order.

Best Straight Talk Phones That Finance Smart Pay

We have mentioned earlier, straight talk does not allow SmartPay financing on all phone models. However, a wide range of phones are allowed into this program. Below is a list of the best straight talk phones that finance SmartPay:

1. Samsung galaxy Z fold 3 5G

Samsung galaxy Z Fold 3 5G is one of the most incredible SmartPay straight talk phones that has embraced the unfold technology. This phone is super powerful and thus costly to get it upfront. The phone has a one-time market price of $1499. With SmartPay payment plan, you can get this incredible phone for a monthly period of $62.46 with 24 months payment terms.

This handset features an expansive 7.6 inches screen that can be folded into a pocket-sized slim tablet, incredible 12MP rear and 10MP front cameras, a fast-charging and lasting 4400mAh battery that makes you up to date with important matters, sufficient memory space of 256GB and 12GB RAM.

2. Samsung galaxy S22 ultra 5G

Samsung is an incredible phone company that never disappoints when it comes to the production of phones. As this phone is no exception, it is a super strong and durable phone that comes with a 6.8 edge Quad HD+ AMOLED screen with a one-time market price of $1299. To make it affordable and easily accessible, SmartPay gives it out with a no-fee monthly payment of $54.13 for 24 months.

The phone features triple rear cameras of 12, 108,10MP and a 40MP front camera. It also boasts of a super reliable 5000mAh battery, 12GB internal memory space, 8GB RAM and 5G capability.

3. Apple iPhone 13 pro max

Imagine getting the most recent and advanced phone in the market for a monthly payment of as low as $49.96 with no extra fee! Well, SmartPay straight talk phones financing has made that possible for you. As you can see, the phone value is below $1500 SmartPay leasing limit. Therefore, as long as you have a valid card, have hit SmartPay leasing income limit, and are above 18 years, you can get this latest phone on credit and pay later within 24 months.

The phone features a 6.7 inches screen and an incredible battery that can last up to 28 hours of video use and 95 hours of audio use. In addition, the phone has up to 1TB of memory space and a strong, powerful, quality 12MP camera system.

4. Apple iPhone 13 pro

Apple also released this phone in the market not long ago. Similar to Apple iPhone 13 pro max, this phone is inscribed with three powerful camera system of 12MP and up to 1TB memory space. It also features a lasting battery of up to 75 hours of audio and 22 hours of video.

The phone is available to get from straight talk at a one-time payment price of $1099. However, smartpay gives it for a monthly payment of as low as $45.79 with 2 years payment term.

5. Microsoft surface Duo

This is another breathtaking foldable phone that comes with 2 ultra-thin touchscreens. The phone features an all-day battery capacity of 3577mAh, high-resolution dual displays of 8.1 and 5.6 inches. Moreover, the phone has an incredible camera of 11MP, 128GB storage space and a 6 GB RAM.

The above features make this handset a valuable phone with a straight talk one-time market price of $1049. If you can’t afford that price, SmartPay has got you covered. As long as you have met smart pay requirements, be sure to get this phone with a monthly price of $43.71 within a 24 months payment plan.

6. OnePlus 9 pro 5G

OnePlus 9 pro is a 5G advanced model of phone that avails with a whole new level of amazing displays. Straight talk sells out this phone for $999 which is not affordable to everyone. Luckily, SmartPay has an affordable monthly payment of $41.63 with 2 years payment duration.

With this excellent device, you will enjoy quality pictures and videos thanks to its strong selfie camera of 16MP and 50 MP rear camera. In addition, the phone features 8GB RAM, 128GB internal storage, a 4500mAh lasting battery, and 6.7 inches AMOLED screen.

7. Google Pixel 6 pro

Google pixel 6 pro is another incredible straight talk SmartPay phone with 5G network technology. The phone features 12GB RAM, 128 GB internal storage, 5003mAh battery, 11.1 MP front and 50MP rear camera. These amazing features make this phone costly as it is available at a cost of $949. With SmartPay straight talk payment plan, you can get this phone at a monthly installments payment of $39.54 payable within 24 months. The phone avails with no contract and no fee payment. 

8. Motorola RAZR 5G

Get this Motorola from straight talk SmartPay phone financing under no fees payment plan of $35.38 per month payable within two years. This saves you from a pocket straining upfront fee of $849.

For only $35.38 per month, you will enjoy this modern flappable designed phone with two functional screens of 6.2 inches internal and 2.7 inches external. More than that, you will be able to enjoy sufficient storage space of 256GB, 8GB RAM and a lasting, fast charging 2800mAh battery. With the phone, be sure to capture the most quality pictures thanks to a 20MP front and 48 MP back camera. 

9. Nokia 8.3 5G

Nokia is a high reputable and experienced brand that has proved to produce the best phones in the market. This makes Nokia 8.3 one of the best phone to invest in. The phone is available for $499 upfront but payable within two months under smartpay phone financing. In partnership with straight talk, SmartPay allows you to buy this phone under no fee payment plan at $20.79 per month payable within 24 months.

The phone is obviously built to last. It also features pro level camera system of 24MP on the front and 64 MP rear. This elevates your photo and video shooting experience giving a sufficient storage capacity of 64GB to store them. In addition, this phone features 6GB RAM, 4500mAh lasting battery and screen display of 6.81 inches.

10. Blue View 3

Blue view is a mid-range type of smartphone that costs $129 upfront. Being a 4g LTE+ phone, it has an incredible battery, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage and a large screen display of 6 inches. This phone also features a quality 13MP back camera and 8M front camera.

Regardless of these incredible features, straight talk smartpay phone financing allows qualified customers to purchase it in monthly installments that is payable within 24 months. As long as you are above age and exceed smartpay lease income limit, you can get this phone for as low as 5.38 per month.

Frequently Ask Questions

What credit score do I need for SmartPay?

Smartpay has no credit score limit as it does not conduct a credit score check on its customers. However, they do conduct a credit score under a special request from the client as a way of getting better lease terms. For Instance, they might check your credit if you want long payment durations or lower monthly payments.

Does SmartPay affect my credit?

Yes. Smartpay can build or diminish your credit. Although SmartPay does not check your credit score, it uses alternative consumers report and credit information to verify your financial and information report. Therefore, it is important to provide accurate financial or personal information as it might affect your credit.

 Can I have two SmartPay accounts?

Yes. It is possible to have two SmartPay accounts. As long as they both lease within SmartPay approval amount, you are good to go.

 Can I return my SmartPay phone?

Yes. If you bought a SmartPay phone and wish to return it, you can return it anytime with no penalty. However, the phone should be within your merchant’s return window. If you meet this requirement, you can return your phone to by contacting SmartPay customer support to ask for a return label.

Can I pay off SmartPay early?

Yes. With SmartPay installment payments, you are not restricted to making your payment on the exact day. Instead, you can also make the payment before the scheduled day to save on cost.

What happens if I don’t pay my SmartPay?

If you fail to make a payment with SmartPay or surpass the scheduled payment day, smartpay’s system will try alternative ways to collect your delayed payment either in full or partial until the whole balance gets cleared.

Can I upgrade my phone with SmartPay? 

Yes. As long as your new phone does not exceed smartpay’s lease limit, you can upgrade your phone easily. All you need to do is contact SmartPay using the number 844-663-1309 to get guidance on how to buy out your old lease and start a new lease.