TruConnect Replacement Phone Guide In 2022

TruConnect is a mobile virtual network operator that operates within several states in America. This company serves its customers with a wide range of services including mobile devices, prepaid text & talk plans, mobile hotspots, and 4G LTE data plans. In addition, this carrier depends on T-Mobile network towers which guarantee reliable nationwide network coverage to its customers. Besides these amazing services, TruConnect offers free cell phone services to low-income households through the government lifeline program.

TruConnect free cellphone services include free data, text and calls a free phone. If you lost, misplaced, or damaged your free phone, panicking is inevitable. However, you shouldn’t panic because this company has made it so easy to replace your lost/damaged or stolen phone. Whether you received your phone for free from TruConnect or you purchased one from their stores, TruConnect customer care team will help replace your phone and get your services back. One thing to note, however, is that there are policies set aside to guide customers while replacing their phones. To know more about TruConnect replacement phone, our guide will help you through. 

How Do I Report My Lost Or Stolen Phone To Truconnet?

When your phone is lost, misplaced, or stolen, you should immediately report to TruConnect for representatives to suspend your account and avoid additional charges or fraudulent activities by the thief. However, you should first retrace your phone and reconfirm that it’s lost or stolen before reporting. 

There are several ways by which you can report your lost or stolen phone to TruConnect. One of the easiest and most effective is calling customer care team for help. You can contact their friendly customer care team through the number (800) 430-0443 every Monday to Saturday 5: 00 AM to 9:00 PM PST. You can also report through visiting any of their nearby retail stores or sending an email to

Once you contact TruConnect customer service, you should explain what happened and why you are sure that your phone is lost or stolen. The representative will then suspend your account. When talking to a representative, it’s crucial to be patient and polite.

After the representative successfully suspends your account, you can now report the issue to the authorities. This is very crucial because the officials might help you trace your phone back. Note that the authorities don’t guarantee your phone back because not all lost phones are traceable. In the event that your phone was not traced back, you can now contact TruConnect for guidance on how to replace your phone.

Is Truconnect Replacement Phone Free?

As foretasted, TruConnect gives free phones to qualified customers through lifeline program. Although the phone was issued for free, replacing it might not be free. However, there are instances where replacing your TruConnect phone is free. For instance, if your phone is defective within three months from the date it was issued, the company will replace it for free. In this case, the only cost incurred on your side is delivery cost when returning the phone to the company for replacement.

If your phone gets defects after the 90 return days have expired, it won’t be replaced for free but at your own cost. If your phone is defective due to heat, water splash or self-misuse, you will incur the cost of a new phone. This is regardless of whether your phone has exceeded the 90 return days or not.

TruConnect Phone Replacement Policy

When you experience malfunction, failure, or defect with your TruConnect phone, the company allows you to repair or replace it. Besides malfunctioning, TruConnect also allows you to replace your stolen or lost phone. To replace your phone, you’ll have to abide to the following policies.

TruConnect phone replacement policy by company

TruConnect phone company replacement policy applies to phones that were purchased from TruConnect retail stores. These phones are also referred to as TruConnect upgraded phones.

Although this company sells a wide range of phones, they don’t manufacture their own phone at the moment. In that case, TruConnect makes no warranties over your device. This means that the company does not provide options to replace your phone.

However, some of these phones come with a separate limited warranty from the manufacturer. Therefore, you can get a phone replacement from the phone’s manufacturer on condition that it is not physically damaged or misused. Mostly, these phones come with a limited warranty of 1 to 2 years. If your phone exceeds warranty, the manufacturer is no longer liable for anything that happens to your phone. This is regardless of whether the phone is damaged by physical abuse or not.

To replace your TruConnect upgrade phone, contact your manufacturer and make your warranty claim. Alternatively, you can contact TruConnect representative for guidance on how to approach your phone’s manufacturer.

TruConnect government phone replacement policy

TruConnect free government phone replacement policy is applicable on free phones from the government through the Lifeline program. Since these phones are offered for free, they come without a warranty. That means, neither Truconnect nor your device’s manufacturer is responsible for your damaged or lost phone.

In this case, you will incur the price of your new phone. Fortunately, TruConnect offers cheap upgrade phones that will not strain the pocket of a low-income consumer. This makes it so easy and cheap to replace your TruConect free phone. 

However, if your free phone is defective within 90 days from its delivery date, TruConnect will replace it at their own cost. If your free phone is defective after 90 days from its issued date due to physical abuse, you’ll have to incur the cost of a new phone. If you return your damaged phone for replacement 10 days after the three months return period has expired, you will also get a new phone for free. This is on condition that the phone isn’t damaged from physical abuse or owner’s carelessness.

How Do I Locate My TruConnect Phone If Lost Or Stolen

Phones have become essential parts of our lives. Therefore, surviving without one in this modern era is so hard. If you just lost your TruConnect phone but are not in a strong financial condition to replace it, you can follow the following tricks that will help you locate it.

Use another phone to dial your number

Sometimes, you might assume that your phone is stolen while in real sense, it’s just misplaced inside your house. In other cases, you might have forgotten your phone somewhere in a mall and a Good Samaritan picked it for you.

In this case, you should just take a friend’s or relative’s phone and dial your number. If your phone is misplaced somewhere in your house, its ringtone will help you locate it. If you forgot it somewhere, someone will pick it and give you directions on how to locate it. 

Use google

If your phone was android enabled, google will help you locate it. To use Google, visit your browser and open After, use your login credentials to access the Google account that you were using with your lost phone. Once you log in, you can now use google services to trace your lost or stolen phone. Using Google to locate your phone has a number of advantages. This is because it can help you not only to trace your phone but also lock it, erase a phone or make it ring. However, there is a major drawback with this method. This is because it won’t be effective if your phone’s data is switched off.

Use of tracker

Besides Google, you can also use trackers to locate your phone. Use of trackers is so easy and convenient because there are many trackers available online for use. Here, you should conduct good research to determine the best and most effective tracker to use. Download the best and use it to locate your lost or stolen phone.

Use mobile phone apps

Alternatively, you can use phone apps from app store or google play store to locate your lost phone. For instance, you can opt to use “find my device” app from play store or “find my iPhone” app from app store. These apps are so effective and responsive but only function if your lost phone’s GPS was turned on before the theft.

Call TruConnect customer care

Nearly all service providers have tracking services that help to locate devices that are lost or stolen. TruConnect is not exceptional as it also provides services that help to track a lost phone within their network. All you need to do is just contact customer care team on (800) 430-0443 and ask for help. 

List of TruConnect Replacement Phone

Once you lose your TruConnect phone, you can get another phone either for free or at a cost. If your phone was given for free from lifeline, you will not get chance to select your desirable replacement phone. Instead, TruConnect will select the phone for you based on availability at the time of replacement.

If your lost phone was purchased from TruConnect, you have the right to select your preferable replacement phone. Since you will incur the cost of your new phone, you should select a phone that will not strain your pocket. Below is a list of phones to get from TruConnect after replacing your lost phone:

  • Nokia 5.4
  • LG K31
  • LG K51
  • Google pixel 4a
  • Motorola edge 5G
  • Apple iPhone 12 mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • Oneplus 8 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • LG stylo 6
  • NUU A7L
  • Alcatel GO flip 3
  • Blu G5O plus
  • Motorola G play

Are There Any Difference Between TruConnect Replacement and Upgrade Phone?

TruConnect phone replacement and upgrade are two common words. Although these two terms might have a similar meaning, they are used in different incidences. Basically, a phone replacement and phone upgrade are similar in that they both involve acquiring a different phone from what you previously had.

However, the difference between these two terms is dominant. To be precise, TruConnect replacement means acquiring another phone to replace your older phone that was either damaged, lost, or stolen. Sometimes, replacing your TruConnect phone is free if it was within the warranty period.

Phone upgrade, on the other hand, happens when you want to purchase a better phone that what you previously had. In this case, you need a more advanced phone with modern and upgraded features. When upgrading your phone, your previous one is not necessarily lost or damaged. Also, phone upgrade is not free as it is with phone replacement.

What Carriers are Compatible with TruConnect?

TruConnect is compatible with carriers like sprint mobile, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.

Does TruConnect Offer Free Tablet?

Yes. If you are a TruConnect customer, you can be lucky to get a free tablet from them. However, this happens on condition that you qualify for a program known as Affordable Connectivity Program. To qualify for this program, you must have a low income below 200% of the federal poverty guideline. You can also qualify if you benefit from any government assistance programs like SNAP, SSI, or Medicaid. Once you qualify, TruCoonect gives you up to $100 discount to purchase a tablet. 

Can I Replace TruConnect SIM Card with Another phone?

Yes. If you lost your TruConnect SIM card along with your phone, you can get another card for free. Once you replace your SIM card, you can also use it with other phones. However, the other phones must be unlocked and compatible with TruConnect.