What Network Does Consumer Cellular Use

Consumer Cellular is a mobile virtual network operator in Oregon, US. The company was formed in the 1990s and is considered one of the best yet experienced telecommunication company. Besides, consumer cellular has offered several years of services like affordable and flexible plans, different types of cellphones, accessories, amazing customer care services, and reliable network coverage. In addition, consumer cellular allows customers to keep their numbers and phones with easy-to-switch services with no commitments or contracts.  Besides these pros, consumer cellular has the added advantage of working with the two best network operators in the US. To be precise, consumer cellular uses both AT&T and T-Mobile network towers to operate.

Working with these two GSM-based networks makes consumer cellular a stronghold as far as reliable coverage is concerned. Since AT&T and T-Mobile are rated as the most reliable service providers nationwide coverage, consumer cellular is also fairly dependable when providing nationwide network coverage. In fact, the company does not only provide nationwide coverage but also full LTE speeds that assure fast connection. To know the ins and outs of consumer cellular, our guide is here to help you make an informed decision before subscribing to their services.   

Does Consumer Cellular Work Everywhere?

No. although consumer cellular is so popular, it doesn’t work everywhere. As we have already mentioned, consumer cellular is a merger of AT&T and T-Mobile network. Since these two carriers are ranked as the second and third large coverage network providers, the combination makes consumer cellular one of the nation’s most reliable coverages. Nevertheless, this doesn’t guarantee optimal coverage of consumer cellular. This is because there are places where AT&T and T-Mobile don’t offer services in the US. However, although consumer cellular doesn’t work everywhere, working with the two carriers extends its coverage to nearly all states in the US.

Does Consumer Cellular Have Their Own Towers?

No. consumer cellular is a mobile virtual network operator. That means, the company works virtually and does not rely on its own unique towers. Instead, consumer cellular relies on AT&T and T-Mobile towers to offer coverage.

What Network Does Consumer Cellular Use?

To convey its services, consumer cellular depends on ATT and T-Mobile network capacity. Therefore, consumer cellular qualifies to offer 4G LTE and 5G networks which are the 4th and 5TH generation mobile networks that offer high-speed connections with great capacity and low latency. Note that consumer cellular does not only use the AT&T network but also has the consent to resell AT&T wireless services to alike virtual network operators. Associating with ATT and T-Mobile networks has made consumer cellular one of the fastest-growing companies in the US over the past few years.    

Consumer Cellular Coverage Map

Since consumer cellular uses network from the second and third best nationwide coverage, it offers services at almost every inch of the covered map. In other words, Consumer Cellular coverage map is as wide as that of ATT and T-Mobile combined. In fact, consumer cellular also partners with other service providers to provide services beyond ATT and T-Mobile coverage areas. Consumer cellular coverage map covers areas like Colorado, Nebraska, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, south Dakota, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Los Angeles, Montana, California, Utah, Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan, Ohio, Austin, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi among others.

What Network Does Consumer Cellular Use In My Area?

As you already know, consumer cellular partners with T-Mobile and AT&T network to serve its customers. To know what network between the two carriers works in your area, visit consumercellular.com/coverage and enter your ZIP code. After, consumer cellular will weigh and select the best suitable network for your area between ATT and T-Mobile.

Does Consumer Cellular Use 5G?

Yes. Since consumer cellular operates under T-Mobile network, you will be able to access 5G network in selected areas that are compatible with this technology.   

Does Consumer Cellular Use CDMA or GSM Technology?

Consumer Cellular uses GSM technology. This is attributed to the fact that it operates under T-Mobile and AT&T which functions under the GSM network.

Will any GSM Unlocked Phones Work with Consumer Cellular?

Yes. If your phone is GSM unlocked, that means that it is compatible with consumer cellular. Therefore, you can switch to consumer cellular and get to enjoy their cheap, flexible and non-contract services. To enable your GSM unlocked phone work with consumer cellular, call consumer cellular services on (888) 345-5509 and order a SIM card. Once you get your SIM, adjust it to the size compatible with your phone and insert in the phone for use. The good news is that every content in your phone including music, photos and content will not be touched after you switch.

Pros and Cons of Consumer Cellular


Data speed

Since consumer cellular provides access to 4G LTE/ 5G network under T-Mobile, be sure to enjoy high-speed data for reliable online connections. As far as upload and the downloading speed is concerned, consumer cellular won’t disappoint.

Customer service

Consumer cellular is a virtual mobile operator that serves online only. Regardless, the company is known to offer the best customer service. In case you need any advice or have a question, you can contact them any weekday between 9 am to 8 pm EST. You can also visit their website and chat with a representative. When I contacted consumer cellular customer service, I was mesmerized by how swiftly the call line was picked up. Also, I would testify that their online representatives are quickly responsive to chats. Besides punctuality, Consumer Cellular customer team is always positive, helpful, kind, and patient.

Call performance 

Consumer cellular call performance is equally excellent. Never have I experienced call drops, call lag, or unclear calls with this company. Also, their text performance is top-notch. Delivering or receiving a message with consumer cellular is so quick. However, note that the reliability of these services depends on your area.


Consumer cellular offers several plans that are so cheap and affordable. The company allows single to multiple-line plans whereby you save whenever you add a line. Some of the available consumer cellular plans are:

One line plans

  • $20 per month plan that offers unlimited data, unlimited text and 1GB of data
  • $25 per month plan that offers unlimited talk, unlimited text and 3 GB of data
  • $35 per month plan that offers unlimited talk, unlimited text and 7 GB data
  • $40 per month plan with unlimited talk, text and 10 GB data
  • $55 per month with unlimited talk, text and unlimited data

Two line plans

  • $40 per month plan with 1 GB data and unlimited talk& text
  • $45 per month plan with 3 GB data, unlimited talk and text
  • $55 per month plan with 7 GB data \, unlimited talk and text
  • $60 per month with 10 GB data, unlimited talk and text
  • $75 per month plan with everything unlimited including data.

Three line plans

  • $70 per month with 7 GB data, unlimited talk and text
  • $75 per month with 10 GB data, unlimited talk and text
  • $80 per month with 15GB data, unlimited talk and text
  • $90 per month with unlimited data, unlimited talk and text.

5. Coverage

Consumer cellular uses two best network towers in the nation. This gives it adequate coverage across US. Therefore, choosing consumer cellular enables you to enjoy wide network coverage. 

6. Cellphones and devices

Besides the above-mentioned pros, consumer cellular gives a wide range of new or refurbished phones and other devices at an affordable rate. The company provides high-end brands of phones like Apple, Motorola, and Samsung. From consumer cellular, you can enjoy phones like Samsung galaxy Z flip 3 5G, galaxy S22 5G, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 pro max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 mini, Motorola moto G pure, and iPhone SE among others.

Besides these phones, consumer cellular also allows you to bring your own phone. As long as the phone is unlocked and compatible with the carrier’s network, you are good to go.  


Everything has the good and bad side of it. Although consumer cellular pros are dominant, you will come across a few disadvantages. Some of these cons are:

  • Consumer cellular prices are not the cheapest
  • Its plans don’t favor large families as you can add up to 3 lines only