Firefly Internet Solution For Business And Residential

The world we live in is technologically evolving very fast. That makes fast internet connectivity one of the top priorities for a modern man. This is at homes, businesses and even on transits. This is the sole reason why Firefly Fiber Broadband came in place, to provide fast internet connectivity.

The company was founded in 2018, with its head offices in Virginia. Its focus was homes and business markets. A unique feature with Firefly Broadband is their fast download and uploads speeds that rise to a gigabit per second.

CVEC members enjoy this reliable, high-speed internet at affordable prices. So, if you are planning to join this big ISP, here is the best information you need before joining. Also, the existing customers can use this article to gather more information about their provider.

How Does Firefly Broadband Fiber Internet Work?

Firefly Broadband Fiber uses the laser light beamed through fiber-optic glass tubes. Internet transmission occurs through these glass tubes. As at now, fiber is the fastest way of communication and data transfer. So, the internet travels through the glass tube at the speed of 3x108m/s.

Firefly Broadband has this high-speed internet service across Virginia State. Their main goal is to make the internet services cover a big area than it is now. Additionally, their connections are direct to your premises. Therefore, the subscribers are assured of strong internet connection.

Firefly Small Business Internet Solution

Firefly Fiber Broadband has a package for small businesses. This package targets small businesses that need basic, reliable, and fast internet. One advantage of Firefly services is that they are non-contractual. So, you are free to quit anytime you want and won’t be charged any cancellation fee. To better understand this package, let’s explore the various plans it offers;

Business Fiber 100: This is the cheapest plan they have for small businesses. The plan gives you up to 100 Mbps data speed on both download and upload. These are quite good data speeds compared to other ISPs available. When you subscribe to this plan, you get a dedicated business support line.

Further, you will enjoy a premium internet gateway with Wi-Fi 6. If you get the plan, Firefly Internet assigns you a static IP. And for all these features, you will pay only $79.99 per month.

Business Fiber 250: Business Fiber package gives you 250 Mbps data speeds. It is uniform for both download and uploads speeds. Like the Fiber 100, it has a dedicated business line support. Thus, when you subscribe to this plan, Firefly Fiber will give you a premium internet gateway with Wi-Fi 6.

Besides, it assigns business subscribers static IPs to ensure full-time connectivity. So, if your business needs a bit higher data speeds, you can go for this plan. The subscription cost is $149.99 per month excluding taxes.

Business Gig: Business Gig is the topmost premium plan with the largest package in this category. It is reliable and if you have high data consumption, it will sort your internet needs. Upon subscribing, you will get 1,000 Mbps data speeds. The speed is uniform when downloading or uploading. You will also get a dedicated business support line.

Just like with other plans, Business Gig boasts of a premium internet gateway with Wi-Fi 6 and static IP. If you want to choose this package, its subscription cost is $249.99 per month. This price is reasonable compared to the data speeds you get.

Firefly Advanced Business Internet Solution

Advanced Business Internet package targets customers who need representatives. Firefly assigns you on standby service reps to help you in case of any problem.  The representatives assist you on matters relating to your internet plan. And the corresponding plan is also called Enterprise Fiber Services. If you want to know more about this plan, you can contact customer service. You can either call them via 434-373-7003 or email at bizsales @ fireflyva . com.

Firefly Residential Internet Solution

Firefly Fiber Broadband cares for its customers in all dimensions. It has a dedicated internet targeting specific groups. In this section, we discuss the fiber to the home broadband internet for the residents. It has speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. The plans of this package do not have contracts and data caps. This means that you will enjoy a whole-home Wi-Fi experience. What stands out in the Firefly internet services is its high-speed connections. The services are also fairly priced. Below are the packages available for you to choose from;

  • Firefly Light: Firefly Light is the lowest-priced package offered in the Residential Internet plan. When you subscribe to this package, you get unlimited data at 100Mbps. The speed is equal for both upstream and downstream. This is quite reliable, especially for home setups. You also get free Wi-Fi management for all your devices. The cost is very realistic at only $49.99 per month.
  • Firefly Flash: If you want strong internet at your home, then Firefly Flash is the package for you. When you subscribe to this package, you get unlimited data up to 1 Gbps. Like the package above, the data speeds apply uniformly for upstream and downstream. You also get Wi-Fi management for all your devices within your home. Note that there is no data throttling. The pay is only $79.99 per month for this package.
  • Firefly Whole-home Wi-Fi: As the name suggests, this package is for your whole-home coverage. So, this is where you get the internet coverage extended to all points of your home. That means, if you have too expansive home such that you can’t enjoy Wi-Fi from everywhere, Firefly extends the coverage for you. You only need to have subscribed to one of the packages. Then, you will top up only $5.99 per month. So, this is a good package if you do not have stable coverage at your home.

Firefly Internet Coverage Area

Firefly Fiber Broadband is majorly in the Virginia State. It has internet coverage to a population of about 10,890 people in the whole state.  The reason for the huge population following is due to its high-speed data of up to 1,000 megabytes per second. Below are other cities you are likely to get the Firefly Internet service.

  • Afton, VA
  • Appomattox, VA
  • Colesville, VA
  • Faber, VA
  • Gladstone, VA
  • Lovington, VA
  • Nellysford, VA
  • Roseland, VA
  • Spout Spring, VA

However, the correct way to verify the availability of Firefly in your location is by use of a ZIP code. Visit the Firefly website and type your ZIP code and verify if their services are available. If the services are available, you should take the next step and get these amazing services.

Firefly Internet Reviews

Firefly internet services average good services across the Virginia State. According to ISP Review, its rating stands at 3.5 stars. People gave reviews in four categories and the average review is still 3.5. The four were value, speed, support, and services.

Most people claimed that they were okay with Firefly internet. One of the major reasons for the high rating is how people were happy with the customer care response. So, if you have doubts about Firefly internet, their ratings speak for themselves.

FAQs – Frequently Ask Questions

Do I need to change the wiring in my house for firefly Fiber installation?

In most cases, the home wiring doesn’t have to change for phone services. However, an installation of a fiber line to a fiber ONT will be definitely done. Mostly, they will mount it near the basement. After that, they will install a new CAT-6 cable from the ONT to the Wi-Fi router. After the installation is successful, you are free to enjoy your internet. So, yes, there might be a slight disruption to your exiting wire system.

Why is firefly fiber better than cable?

You cannot compare cable and fiber when it comes to data transfer speeds. The advantage of Firefly fiber is 100% fiber-optic with no use of coaxial cable. Fiber technology has more advantages over copper networks and coaxial cable.

First of all, Fiber offers the fastest internet connection. Also, it has virtually unlimited bandwidth with no internet shutdowns.

Can I use my own router with firefly?

Yes. Firefly Broadband allows users to use their own router for internet broadcasting. However, they have the best routers which in the current market it may cost you about $300 to $400. Besides, you do not need to pay for the router from Firefly. They will give you free of charge, no lease or rental fee. The Firefly router is a high-speed router of the modern standard whose Wi-Fi 6 capability beats most of the routers in the market. So, if you do not have a router, Firefly will give you a standard one for free.

Where is the best location for my Fiber router?

The best place you can install the Firefly Fiber router is at the center of your house. It can also be at the center of the area where you want your connections to run from. This happens mostly in the business area where you need several connections.

If you have several blockages in your home, you need to be more careful when choosing the installation point. There should be a free broadcast of the Wi-Fi signal. If you use the free Wi-Fi router, consult with the technician on the installation location. This is regardless of residential or business internet.

Does my area have Firefly Fiber internet services?

The Firefly Fiber service is in Virginia State with plans to extend the coverage. However, if you want to check the availability, go to their official website and enter your ZIP code. This will give you the correct information on Firefly internet coverage.


Firefly internet services attract most residents and small businesses. It is one of the ISP that uses fiber technology for the internet supply. This is an assurance of high-speed internet service. So, you can get the Firefly internet service as long you live in Virginia State. The best way to verify the availability of its service is by use of a ZIP code. After you confirm the availability, chose a package – be it for residential or business.

The prices are cheap compared to most of the ISPs available. If you have been looking for truly unlimited data speeds, here you have it with Firefly internet. You have a guarantee of high-speed, reliable, and cheap fiber internet. Currently, the only major downside facing Firefly is coverage. However, they are focusing on expansion and in the next few years, they may be knocking at your city. You can reach out to their customer care to know when or whether they are already there.