Maxsip Telecom Free Tablet Review – How To Apply

With more than 25 years of expertise, Maxsip is one of the top Internet Protocol (IP) and telecommunications firms. As a result, it might come as a surprise to most people to learn that the company providing internet-based communication solutions is now giving away free tablets. Although this endeavor is admirable, the free tablets are provided to qualified consumers through initiatives funded by the Federal Government, not by the corporation. Nevertheless, the telecommunications corporation shares this project’s objective since it thinks every home and citizen deserves access to the internet. As a result, the company is the perfect partner for this initiative, with its participation in the government-funded assistance program, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), bringing internet connectivity to eligible low-income households.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an independent federal body that oversees interstate and international communications in the United States, launched the Affordable Connectivity Program. The program’s goal is to help allow low-income households to have access to internet-based opportunities including employment, telemedicine or essential healthcare services, online learning, etc. With the help of this program, households that up until now couldn’t afford internet access may now take full advantage of its benefits. If you are eligible, you can receive a tablet along with a free monthly broadband discount through the ACP program.

In order to be eligible for the free tablets offered by this program, you must first be aware of the requirements, needed documents, and the application process. In this article, we’ll lay out everything you’ll need and provide a thorough, step-by-step tutorial on how to be eligible for and obtain a free government tablet via Maxsip Telecom.

Maxsip Telecom Reviews

For some, the project this company is involved in might seems surreal, which makes them doubt its legitimacy. If you’re wondering whether this company is legitimate, the answer is yes, it is legitimate. Maxsip is a telecommunication and internet service provider company with over 25 years of experience. Israel Sruly Max, a telecommunications enthusiast, is the owner and CEO of the company. The internet-based communications solutions company is located at 1019 Broadway, Woodmere, NY 11598. Furthermore, the company is recognized by the Federal Communications Commission, with its serving states including: Georgia, Hawaii, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Kansas, Virginia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Minnesota, South Carolina, Mississippi, Oregon, Montana, North Carolina, New York, and New Jersey. Additionally, the telecommunications provider gives qualified clients discounts on tablets, free internet, and SIM cards. It is safe to say that the company is legitimate in light of how long it has been in business, the information that is publicly available about the owner, and the FCC’s acknowledgment of the company.

In the succeeding paragraph, we will identify the pros and cons of Maxsip Telecom.


  • The telecommunications company offers high-quality voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services at a very reasonable cost.
  • Its customer service and technical support are top-notch.
  • The company offers a scalable internet-based communication solution alongside other services.
  • The telecommunication company offers services such as VoIP voicemail and forwarding.


  • The VoIP services offered by the telecommunication company are not available in all states in the United States.
  • Internet-based communication solutions are susceptible to disruption during power outages.
  • Services are not compatible with all phones and may require special equipment.

What Type of Tablets Maxsip Telecom Offer for Free?

Free tablets are offered to eligible households and individuals by Maxsip Telecom under the Affordable Connectivity Program by the FCC. However, the tablet brand or models to be distributed by the telecommunication company to qualified customers were not disclosed. Notwithstanding, we can at least say that the tablet will be 4G enabled.

With little to no information regarding the kind of tablet ACP-eligible buyers should anticipate, they should nonetheless fall into the spectrum of entry-level to mid-range tablets. As a result, we will be highlighting the overall features of a tablet, which should give an idea of what to expect.

The minimum specifications of a tablet, which you are likely to receive from Maxsip Telecom or more, include:

  • Operating System: Android 8.1
  • Processor: Intel Core or Quad core
  • Tablet size: 10.1 inch
  • Resolution: 1280*800 pixels
  • Camera: 8MP rear camera. 5MP front camera.
  • Chipset: i3 Core
  • RAM: 3GB (minimum)
  • Internal memory: 68GB (minimum)
  • External memory: 128GB and above.
  • Battery: 4800 mAH Li-Ion
  • Sim card: Yes
  • Connectivity: 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS.

How Do I Get a Maxsip Telecom Free Tablet

Eligibility alone is not enough to receive a free Maxsip Telecom tablet. Rather, there are some steps to follow before you can be qualified to receive a free tablet, which we will highlight below.

  1. Be a resident in states where ACP services are offered by Maxsip: On the official website where registration is done, the program is reported to be currently available in these states: New York, New Jersey, Alabama, South Carolina, South Dakota, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, District of Columbia, Idaho, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Maryland, North Dakota, Delaware, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, Maine, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee, Utah, North Carolina Texas, Alaska, Virginia, Kansas, Iowa, Vermont and Colorado. However, to be able to use the Maxsip wireless network on the tablet, you will have to be in states where the carrier has reach, which are already identified above.
  2. Eligibility: You can qualify for the program either by yourself or through a dependent. You are eligible if you or your household qualify for a Lifeline benefit, have experienced a significant loss since 2020, have an income at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines, or participate in other government-assisted programs.
  3. Have the following documents handy: You will require documents such as a government-issued ID, which will be scanned. You will also need to provide the last 4 digits of your SSN, amongst other documents that will be required.
  4. Start the application process: You can start the process by visiting the website at You can then submit it after filling out the application form and sending your personal documents.
  5. Wait for application approval: Your application will have to pass through a review by the Maxsip Telecom team. If your application and documents are deemed correct and legit, which might take some days, you will receive a congratulatory message and have your tablet delivered soon after.

Eligibility Criteria for Getting a Maxsip Telecom Free Tablet

This program is for households and can be enjoyed by low-income parents and students alike. The criteria for eligibility include:

  1. Low income: Your household qualifies if it has an income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or has a total household income at or below $99,000 for single fliers or $198,000 for joint fliers in 2020.
  2. Participation in government-assisted programs: This includes participation in Lifeline programs such as Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Federal Public Housing Assistant (FPHA), and Veterans and Supervisors Pension Benefit.
  3. Participation in Tribal Assistance Programs: Participation in at least one Tribal program, which include: Tribal Head Start, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Food Distribution Programs on Indian Reservations, and Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, will also make you eligible.
  4. Students from low-income households: If you received a federal Pell Grant within the current award year, then you are eligible. In addition, if you also enjoyed programs such as school breakfast, free and reduced-price school lunch, or the USDA Community Eligibility Provision within the 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 school session, you are also eligible.

Required Documents for Applying Maxsip Telecom Free Tablet

The required documents would be broken down to give a clear idea of what you might need to apply for Maxsip Telecom’s free tablet.

Personal Identification Documents

  • A government-issued ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of address
  • U.S driver’s license
  • Utility bill
  • U.S Citizenship or Naturalization certificate
  • Green Card or Permanent Resident Card
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
  • Mortgage or lease statement.

Proof of Income Documents

  • Worker’s Compensation statement of benefits or unemployment.
  • Retirement or pension statement of benefits
  • Social Security statement of benefits
  • Child support 
  • Current income statement
  • Divorce decree
  • Tax return of prior year
  • Veteran Administration statement of benefits.

Government Assistance Program Documents

  • Benefit award letter
  • Approval letter
  • Statement of benefits
  • Benefit verification letter

This list is not exhaustive, as other supporting documents can be requested. Conversely, not all the listed documents here might be asked for because there are different ways to be eligible for the Maxsip free tablet. It is also worth noting that emancipated minors can also apply, although an official document showing their full name and a confirmation of their emancipation must be provided.

How Do I Apply for a Free Maxsip Telecom Tablet?

Applying for a free Maxsip Telecom tablet and receiving it isn’t difficult if you are eligible. It isn’t a lottery, so you shouldn’t have doubts about getting one if you are eligible. To apply, you can follow the highlighted steps below.

  1. Make sure that you are eligible for the program.
  2. Gather all the supporting documents.
  3. Go to to apply.
  4. Choose the service you want to apply for, in this case 4G Tablet with Internet and Free Monthly Service.
  5. Fill in the application form and provide supporting documents.
  6. Submit the application form and wait for a response on your qualification, which might take some days.
  7. Receive your tablet.

Other Benefits From Maxsip Telecom If You Get a Free Tablet?

A free tablet is one of the few options offered by the program. The other options include a free 4G SIM card for free data, talk, and text, and a free monthly mobile hotspot. If you settle for the 4G tablet, you can be assured of other benefits alongside it. The benefits include:

  • A free monthly service
  • 15GB monthly data

The tablet, alongside the other benefits that come with it, is not entirely free. You will have to pay a fee of $20, although it is a one-time payment. Nonetheless, the fee is paltry compared to the value of the tablet and internet, which are valued at $300.

Does Maxsip Telecom Offer Free Internet?

A 4G Tablet isn’t the only service you can apply for under the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) through Maxsip Telecom. There are other options that include free internet access. In addition, it is also worth noting that the 4G tablet also comes with internet access, although it isn’t free.

The free internet services you can find on Maxsip Telecom are:

  • Mobile Hotspot with free monthly service.
  • 4G Sim Card

These two internet options, in addition to the free tablet, make up the three services available on Maxsip Telecom. You can only choose one service and not more, so you should think properly about what you want or need.

The free mobile hotspot, which also comes with free monthly service, costs a one-time fee of $50. In addition, with the 4G SIM card, you will have data and be able to talk and text for free. The only caveat is that you will need a SIM card-compatible device. Nevertheless, the sim is completely free and you can enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

Maxsip Telecom Contact Information

You can make inquiries about the free tablets offered by the carrier or the program. In addition, if you have any issues with your acquired tablet or any questions, you can communicate with the Maxsip Telecom customer support team. They can be reached through email at or by phone at +1 (866) 629-7471. Another way to communicate with the company is by visiting its headquarters, which is at 734 W Broadway, Woodmere, NY 11598. Any of these methods will be effective in successfully reaching the company.