Samsung Phone With IR Blaster 2022

In our everyday life, we use many necessary households, like Air conditioners, televisions, DVD Players, Stereo sets, Game Console, Big Screen Projector etc. Most of these devices come with remote controllers. We need different remote controllers for different devices. It is difficult to manage all these controllers and make a suitable place to keep them all. Imagine, if we have a handy, only one remote controller to control all these devices, isn’t it sound good?

Yes, with today’s technology, we have this facility with smartphones, mainly Samsung. The component we use for this purpose is called “IR Blaster”. Here, “IR” stands for Infrared.

How To Check If Your Phone Has An “IR Blaster”?

Smart Mobile phones Samsung and some other brands come with IR Blaster. The question is, how can we sure if our mobile phone has an IR Blaster or not? There are some easy and simple ways to check it.

The first process is that; you should check for an IR LED on the upper side of your mobile phone. It is somewhat like an LED of a regular remote controller. If you find this LED, you can figure out that yours’s is IR Blaster mobile phone.

The second process is that; you should download the app “IR Test”. When you install and open the app, it will confirm whether your phone has an IR Blaster or not.

You can also check your phone’s manual. If your phone comes with an IR, then it must be mentioned in your manual.

But anyway, if you cannot find your phone manual or lost it, then the best solution is, you may go to the phone’s manufacturer’s website and look for the information about IR Blaster there.

If Your Phone Has No IR Blaster, Then What Is The Solution For That?

If your mobile does not come with an IR Blaster, then you have to pick an alternative. You can use an IR adapter to enable the IR feature on your mobile phone. The newer models of Samsung phones do not come with IR blaster. Mostly, Samsung phones with IR blaster are phones released from the year 2013 to 2015. Therefore, Samsung phones released after 2015 lack an IR blaster.

  • Galaxy A33 5G
  • Galaxy A03
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S22
  • Galaxy A73 5G
  • Galaxy A13
  • Samsung S9
  • Samsung S10
  • Galaxy A23
  • Galaxy S21 FE
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+ and so on.

How does IR Blaster work?

An IR Blaster is a device that can copy the functionality of an infrared-enabled device (Say, a remote controller) and emits infrared signals to control the device as same as the Remote Controller.

Benefits of using IR Blaster

If we use IR Blaster instead of a remote controller, we get some extra benefits. First of all, if we make a IR Blaster to be a remote control, then this remote control is buttonless and battery-less. We do not have to change batteries from time to time. So, it is cost saving and hassle free.

Secondly, we can use this IR remote with older devices that do not work on blue tooth or wireless connection.

Some other benefits are:

  1. Convenience: Our life is getting more comfortable and more and for this, we use and depend on more electronic appliances. As an obvious result of it, the number of remote controllers also increases. It is tough and inconvenient for us to manage such a big amount of remote controllers. To make us free from this problem and to give us relaxation and comfort, we can now use our mobile’s IR Blaster as a Universal Remote Controller. We can control most of our appliances with a single mobile phone.
  2. Reliability: Our remote controllers are mainly coming with buttons and batteries. We tap these buttons to use the remote controller and after a long usage, these buttons are no more working. On the other hand, it is a hassle to change the batteries from time to time. These two problems are uniquely solved with a mobile phone’s IR Blaster. More of that, if we have a voice-activated IR Blaster remote controller, we can control our devices with voice commands.
  3. Full ability to use your remote controller: Besides manually operated IR Blaster remote controller, we can use a voice-activated IR Blaster remote controller too. In this way we can control our devices from one room to another by just saying the command loudly, like “Turn on the AC” and the AC will be turned on.
  4. Added more functionality: You can use your IR Blaster to control some devices that cannot be controlled with a physical remote. You can control your CCTV and PCs by connecting them to IR Blaster with dedicated apps.

All the above discussion reveals that a phone with IR Blaster can be the best choice to get comfortable for you and your family.

How To Use IR Blaster?

You can use IR Blaster with Apps. You may download “MI Remote” App from the Google Play Store and install it to use on your IR Blaster. Some TV Remote apps used with IR Blaster are: Twin one Universal TV Remote, Smart IR Remote, Unified TV, Sure Universal Remote for TV, Galaxy Universal Remote, IR Plus-Infrared Remote, Universal Remote Control etc.

Some Samsung Mobile Phone With Built In IR Blaster

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  2. Samsung Galaxy S4
  3. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  5. Samsung Galaxy S5
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
  7. Samsung Galaxy S6
  8. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The following Samsung phone allows IR by using an application like “Peel Smart Remotes”:

  1. Samsung Galaxy A3
  2. Samsung Galaxy A5
  3. Samsung Galaxy A7

The latest Samsung phones, like Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold etc. have no built-in IR Blaster. But we can use IR Blaster Adapter to enable IR features into them.

Here Is A List Of Other IR Blaster In Built Phones

  1. Vivo X80 Pro
  2. Huawei P50 Pro
  3. Poco F4 GT
  4. Xiaomi 12 Pro
  5. Xiaomi 11 T Series
  6. Redmi Note 11 Pro & Pro Plus.
  7. Poco X4 Pro
  8. Poco M4 Pro
  9. TCL 10 Pro

Does IR Blaster Do Any Harm To Our Body?

The infrared signal that remits from IR Blaster is safe. It does not do any harm to our body, though we use it for a long period of time.


IR Blaster is a new invention of the latest technology. It makes many of our household’s work easy, hassle-free, and smooth. We use our only mobile phone as a remote controller to control so many devices. Now, we are waiting for more improvement of IR Blaster, the modern technology.