7 Best Sprint iPhone Deals for Existing Customers

Sprint is one of the largest mobile service providers in the US. In fact, it is ranked as the fourth largest serving more than 50 million customers in a year. The company has an array of amazing deals for both new and existing customers. This includes service plan deals, android phone deals, and iPhone deals. In this guide, we will take you through sprint iPhone deals for existing customers.

Just like any other service provider, sprint is not exceptional. This company has a number of iPhone promotional deals to entice and strengthen its customer relationship. Since iPhone are costly phones, sprint iPhone deals for existing customers aims to provide low-priced iPhones that are affordable to many. To know more about these deals, read through to the end.

Best Sprint iPhone Deals for All Existing Customers

As stated earlier, sprint offers discounted iPhones as a way of creating good relations with their clients. Besides, these iPhones come with discounted and affordable plans. The good news is that these deals are not subjected to any contract. Therefore, you are free to quit anytime once dissatisfied with their services. Below are sprint iPhone deals for existing customers.

1. iPhone SE deal for existing customers

As a sprint mobile existing customer, you can get half off on this phone. However, to get this, there are a number of requirements to meet. First off, you have to activate a qualifying and new voice line. Additionally, you have to receive a 24 monthly bill credit. Finally, you should buy a new phone on a monthly installment plan, pay down payment and applicable sales tax at the day of purchase. Note that you shouldn’t cancel the payment before the set two years. Otherwise, you may end up full value price of the phone.

What’s interesting about the phone?

  • It has a powerful and strong 4.7 inch display screen with incredible performance. With the phone, you can watch movies, videos and play games seamlessly.
  • Boasts of a 7MP front and 12 MP back cameras that produces beautiful and clear photos.
  • Has sufficient memory to store your pictures along with other content.
  • Has a strong and durable battery with 14 hours of talk time and up to 10 days of standby time.

2. iPhone 11 deal for existing customers

From sprint, you can get a new iPhone 11 for $0.00 through 24 monthly bill credits to eligible customers. However, to enjoy the offer, you have to add a line to an eligible plan and trade in any eligible device.

What’s interesting about the phone?

  • Has a clear 12 MP dual, ultra-wide camera
  • Has a strong battery with 10 hours of talk time
  • Has sufficient storage memory
  • Has special features like Bluetooth connectivity, wireless and fast charging ability among others.

3. iPhone 11 pro deal

After purchasing this phone through 24 monthly bill credits, you get to save up to $700. However, you have to trade in a qualifying device to enjoy this offer.

What’s interesting about the phone?

  • Has large storage capacity that is very important in multitasking
  • It is a water resistant phone that can stay in water for minutes without damage
  • Has a lasting battery that allows several hours of usage

 4. iPhone 12 deal for existing customers

You also get to enjoy up to 50% off on iPhone 12 after trading in a qualifying device. However, you have to enroll in 24 monthly bill credits that you shouldn’t cancel before time is due.

What’s interesting about the phone?

  • With it, be assured to capture beautiful and clear pictures thanks to its12MP cameras
  • You don’t have to worry about water splash as it has water resistance features
  • You will enjoy several hours of talk time thanks to lasting battery.

5. iPhone 12 pro max deal

This is another great deal that allows you to save up to $700 through 30 months bill credits after purchasing iPhone 12 pro max. However, you have to trade on a qualified device and add a line to a qualifying plan.

What’s interesting about the phone?

  • It has incredible ultra-wide cameras
  • It has a super retina 6.1 inch screen display
  • I has a lasting battery that can stand up to 17 hours of video playback

6. iPhone 13 deal for existing customers

When you trade-in an eligible device, you get up to 50% off on this device. You also get to enjoy the ‘’buy one get one’’ free deal with no trade-in. this comes with 30 monthly bill credits that shouldn’t be canceled before the due date.

What’s interesting about the phone?

  • It has advanced 12MP dual rear and front cameras with night mode feature and 4K Dolby Vision HDR recording.
  • Has durable batteries that can last up to 19 hours of video playback
  • Has 5G high speed of downloads
  • Has a 6.1 inch super Retina screen with clear content display.

7. iPhone 13 pro max deal for existing customer

After purchasing a new iPhone 13 pro max through a monthly plan, you get up to $1000 discount. However, you have to pay sales tax that is applicable on the day of purchase and trade in a qualifying device on Magenta MAX plan.

What’s interesting about the phone?

  • Its performance is unmatched
  • It has excellent cameras
  • It has the best screen display with amazing clarity
  • It is water resistant, scratch resistant and dust proof

Final Word

Sprint has one of the best iPhone deals for existing customers. However, the company has not left out new customers. For instance, new customers get iPhone 11 for free after having a new account and a new service plan. When it comes to sprint deals for existing customers, eligible consumers will benefit a lot. For instance, these deals help you to get advanced iPhones at discounted and affordable prices. These deals also allow you to pay your iPhone in monthly installments which is cheaper and easier. Finally, the deals allow you to trade in your older phone for a newer advanced phone at a cheaper price. This makes sprint mobile network providers one of the best carriers in the US.