Best Tracfone Plans For Seniors

Tracfone has low-rate plans given to seniors citizens aged 55 years and above. This Senior citizens need good coverage and low rates with long service days. So the Tracfone plans come up range from 30 to 365 days. The unused minutes, service days, and data are rolled over. But, to enjoy this feature you must be keeping your service active. There is a new package with unlimited talk and text which has a specific amount of data recently added.

Tracfone doesn’t charge an activation fee, contract, monthly bill overage, or cancellation fees. Additionally, flip phones are affordable and simple. These are some of the top reasons that make Tracfone very popular.

Tracfone Plans For Seniors

Tracfone provides two plans for Pay as You Go Plans for seniors. This depends on the type of phone that you are using. The plans include:

1. Basic phone Pay as You Go Plans for flip phone users

These are plans for the basic Tracfone phone users. The plans start from as low as $9.99 per month with a 30 minutes plan to $199.99 per year with 1500 minutes. The plan has many 90 days packages that help citizens who do not frequently use them. The packages are not costly. Also, the plan offers a yearly plan with a small package costing $100 with 400 minutes. This makes the yearly package more affordable.

The cheapest Tracfone flip phone plans for seniors are as follows:

DurationNumber of service DaysPrice ($)
30 minutes30 days of service$9.99
60 minutes 90 days of service$19.99
120 minutes90 days of service$29.99
200 minutes90 days of service$39.99
450 minutes90 days of service$79.99
400 minutes365 days of service$99.99
1000 minutes365 days of service$159.99
1500 minutes365 days of service$199.99

2. Smartphone Pay as You Go plans for smartphone users

These seniors plan for the smartphone prepaid plans for the Tracfone. They start as low as $15 per month. This package comes with minutes, texts, and data. The data is of very high speed. The smallest package has 500 minutes, 500 text messages, and 500MB of data. Like the flip phone package, the Tracfone smart-phone plans have a lot of 90 days of service. These Tracfone plans are very cheap hence affordable by most seniors. The plan has one 1-year package with 1500 minutes, 1500 texts, and 1.5GB of data, which goes at $125.

Tracfone smart-phone plan is as follows:

PlanNumber of service daysPrice ($)
500 minutes, 500 texts 500 MB30 days of service $15
500 minutes, 1000 texts, 500 MB60 days of service$25
750 minutes, 1000 texts, 1GB 60 days of service$35
750 minutes, 1000 texts, 1.5GB90 days of service$45
750 minutes, 1000 texts, 2GB90 days of service$50
1500 minutes, 1500texts, 1.5GB365 days of service$125

3. Tracfone Best Family Plan for Seniors

The Tracfone family plan for seniors is one of the best plans you can ever have. It comes with a lot of benefits which are good for family subscribers. They come with unlimited calls and texts. The family plan is the best because it will give you a long connectivity time to catch up. The plan comes with periods of weeks or months, but it is flexible, which means you can extend your time.

The plan also has a smart-phone plan with incredible packages at low costs:

PlanNumber of daysPrice ($)
1 GB with carryover data, unlimited talk-time, unlimited text PLUS  30 service days$20
2 GB with carryover data, unlimited talk-time, unlimited text PLUS 30 service days$25
3 GB with carryover data, unlimited talk-time, unlimited text PLUS 30 service days$30

The data offered runs at 4LTE speed and it doesn’t expire as long as the service remains active. Also, the plans above do not have the ability to triple data.

4. Tracfone Talk Plans for Seniors

These are plans for talking mostly coming along with flip phones. The table in the Tracfone flip phone plan package explains the plans better.

Tracfone Monthly plans

Tracfone monthly plans are only available for smart-phones. It comes with unlimited texts Plus package and unlimited talk time as well as a certain amount of data. This one depends on the monthly plan you choose. One of its major strengths is that its data does not expire as long as the service is still active. What happens is that there is a carryover of unused data. The Tracfone monthly plan comes in three packages, which are;

  • Unlimited talk, text plus, and 1 GB of data at a price of $20 per month.
  • Text Unlimited with talk, and 2 GB of data at a price of $25 per month.
  • Unlimited talk, text plus, and 3 GB of data at a price of $30 per month.

Tracfone Add-ons

An add-on service is a kind of service that does not stand alone. They have to be on top of other services. Tracfone gives customers add-ons to them that want to get some extra minutes, texts, or data. It also gives a service of international calls to its customers. The packages plan consists of;

A long-distance international call goes at $10. This is an add-on which means that you can make international calls at low price rates.

  • 500 extra minutes at $10.
  • 1 GB of data addition of high speed.
  • 1000 text addition at $5

Tracfone Best-prepaid Arrangements for seniors

There are lots of plans offered by Tracfone for seniors. Many of them are great, but it depends on the target audience. The choosing of a plan means that it must be reasonable, and the plan must meet the user’s requirements. Its flexibility enabling you to pay for 30, 60, 90 up to 365 days makes it the best. The plans aim at meeting most of the user requirements and needs. It also comes with offers alongside depending on the plan you choose.

Tracfone best instant plans for seniors

Everyone desires to get good services from their service provider. Satisfying service will always entice customers and will even market the provider. Service providers do or do not have emergency plans for their customers. But the services meet the emergency plan requirements.

Metro by T-Mobile incorporates unlimited SMS, calls, and data regardless of your line. Whether four-line or two lines. There are several subscriptions affordable to many individuals and families. These include plans with unlimited calls and SMS and 2 GB of data.

The metro by T-Mobile has a 4G LTE versatile hotspot. You can use the hotspot like normal Wi-Fi.

5. Tracfone Flexible Package Plans for Seniors

These have a free two weeks hazard preliminary. There are a couple of easy and cheap to assemble plans. Simply Prepaid brings the alternative due to stiff competition in the prepaid space. This is on the customers who need a single line for them.

Clients in Simply Prepaid get to enjoy several services for only $50 paid monthly. These services include:

  • Endless talk and messages.
  • 10 Gb 4G LTE information.
  • The clients who on Simply Prepaid have an option of coming with their own gadgets. They can also get others from a supplier. When the clients decide to take the auto pay consistently, they get to enjoy a discount of up to $5. The new month is then carried to the price becomes $35 which paid monthly.

When you choose a $50 rate plan month to month, the price then drops to $47 automatically. This is applicable when you need a hop only higher to include the unlimited portable hotspot availability.

Why TracFone Cell Phone Plans Are Best For Seniors?

There are different factors you should consider before choosing a prepaid privilege arrangement. These include the amount of data you spend, or you need. It would be best if you also evaluated how many calls you make every month. The approximate number of texts you send per month also is important before choosing a plan.

Careful consideration of the above factors will help you to make a good choice. Four big outstanding conveyors also have a few partners. These include; AT&T cell phone plans for Senior, Sprint plan for seniors, Verizon cell phone for seniors, and T-Mobile pay as you go phones.

The little carriers all offer prepaid choices. They work in relation to the Big Four. The prepaid choices are regular at superior incentive than real transporters. All offer the month to month auto-pay. You are entitled to more talk time with Tracfone advancement codes. It gives you extra minutes every time you are stuck. The advice is that you should not buy any stacked card which has extra minutes. This is because these cards do not have extra or free minutes with them. It would be best if you spent your time on the web. The more talk time you have, the free minutes you get.

The best way to choose a plan should be on basis of the generation. The new generations are more advanced and have better services than others. This is because there are a lot of innovations in the network’s new generations. So, choosing the best plan according to the fifth generation would be the best. Thus, the competition narrows down to Verizon and AT&T. They both provide the best services when it comes to data, texts, and unlimited calls. The plans are at reasonable prices, and they have several benefits.

Prepaid cellular phone calls are good when it comes to your wireless spending. The prepaid plans mean that you should buy and renew your minutes before using. This is instead of getting yourself into extended term contracts.

You do not need to have an agreement when you have compensation because of awful credit. Whenever your minutes run-out, you should buy more. This is because Tracfone does not have a month to month plan. Its promotions are advantageous in many ways. That is why when you are planning to go wireless; you should consider having compensation. There are no initiation charges when making mobile buying arrangements. The advantage is when you use the advancement codes, and can make you get more talk time.

5 Best Tracfone Phones For Senior

Tracfone has phones branded to work only with its network. It also has other phones from other brands, which include Samsung, LG, Motorola. The unique thing is that it does not have the latest brands of phones from Samsung and Apple. There are factors you should consider when buying Tracfone phones for seniors. Buying a phone for youngsters is also different from for an older person. A youngster will look for fanciness and fashion. To get a good phone for a senior, below are the factors you should think of;

  • The need : When looking to buy a phone for a senior, there is no need to invest much in more advanced features. They are rarely interested in what young people want. Seniors have basic things as their priority unlike the young. Investing in a phone with features like 8GB RAM and ROM of 64GB to them is not a priority.
  • The features : Seniors will need to have phones with perfect basic features to help them in communication. Features like loudspeakers, clear keypads, etc. are important. Due to old age, some will lose their hearing capability and sight. So, a loudspeaker and clear keypads will be of importance to them. Other features you can include are; audible phones and a memory aid feature.

Those are some of the factors you can consider when buying a Tracfone phone. We have several phones which are brands of Tracfone. Different phone types have their pros and cons. It makes them have varying popularity ratings among users. Some of the phones are.

1. Alcatel MyFlip

It is a flip phone made by Tracfone and offered at $20. It features all plans by Tracfone. The package of the phone plan has a sim card and a charger. The phone has a caller ID in it which makes it easy for users to know who is calling. It has the following features:

Alcatel MyFlip - Tracfone Phones for Seniors
  • Supports CDMA Technology.
  • It has a display of 2.8-inches.
  • It has internal ROM 512MB extendable to 32GD with external memory
  • Supports 4G LTE
  • It has a 2Megapixel camera
  • It has a hearing aid feature
  • Also has a 1350mAh battery


  • No extra payment
  • It has a good network coverage
  • Has unlimited talk time and messages
  • It has freedom of refilling as per your needs


  • It has only 30-day services
  • There are data limits according to the chosen package.

2. Alcatel 328G

It is a trendy Tracfone phone due to its size feature. Most seniors prefer it to smart-phones. It is capable of sending voicemails. You can also check the caller id before you receive the call. It has a quality sound due to noise reduction technology used to improve the sound.

Alcatel 328G - Tracfone Phones for Seniors


  • It has free double minutes.
  • It is simple to use due to its big buttons
  • Quality hands-free speaker making it suitable for the seniors.
  • It has a call-waiting feature.


  • It has a tiny screen according to some users.
  • It has only one-color variety.

3. ZTE Z233 VL

This 4G Tracfone flip phone goes at $9.9. It is a product of ZTE. It is simple to use. Especially when handling calls. Some of its features include;

ZTE Z233 VL - Tracfone Phones for Seniors
  • 4G LTE speed support
  • It has a CDMA technology
  • It has a 4GB ROM
  • Has 2MP camera which can video record
  • It has hearing aid compatible
  • Has a lithium battery of 1500mAh


  • It is easy to use due to its compact size
  • Has a Bluetooth app that making it easy for users to share files
  • It can capture photos and recording video
  • It can connect to the web
  • Supports text and image messaging.


  • Some users complain it is of low quality
  • Complaints about the size of the keys.

4. Tracfone Doro 7050

Friendly handling to the seniors. It costs only $49.99. It has a clear screen, well-spaced keys with visible fonts. Some of the features include.

Tracfone Doro 7050
  • Supports GSM technology
  • It has an internal screen display of 2.8 inch
  • It has 4 GB of internal memory
  • Supports 4G LTE.
  • It has a 3MP camera which has a recording capability
  • It has an emergency button on the back of the phone
  • Has a battery of 1350mAh


  • It has a Bluetooth technology
  • It supports Wi-Fi
  • You can get a gift card of up to $50
  • It has an internal screen size of 2.8” making it visible to senior


  • The keypad is very small
  • It has only one-color variety
  • It does not have quality photos.

5. LG Classic Flip

It is a Tracfone which supports 4G LTE. It is being offered at $39.99 with any basic plan. The phone has SOS features. Here are some of its features:

LG Classic Flip
  • Supports CDMA technology.
  • It has a 2.8 “QVGA display.
  • It supports the 4G LTE speed
  • Has 8 GB ROM
  • It has a hearing aid that is compatible with (T4)
  • It has an emergency key at the back of the phone
  • Has a battery of 1470mAh lithium


  • It supports the GSM network.
  • It supports the conversion of text to speech and messaging
  • Supports web operations
  • It has a good battery backup.


  • It does not come with a SIM card
  • It has only one color.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an unlimited plan for TracFone?

TracFone’s new StraightTalk service delivers 30MB of data plus unlimited calling and messaging for $45 per month. The unlimited plan for monthly continues to get warmer following a new service from TracFone.

Where to buy Tracfone flip phones?

There are various stores you can visit to get a Tracfone flip phone. You can visit any Tracfone store and all have different models old and new.

If the Tracfone store does not have your desired phone, you can proceed to online stores. Some of the best online shops we can recommend are Amazon, Dollar General, Best Buy, and Walmart.

What is the best Tracfone for seniors?

Tracfone has got several flip phones which are easy to use by the seniors. Some of the best phones offered by Tracfone include Doro 7050 as discussed in this article. Other phones include the LG Classic flip, ZTE Z233, and ALCATEL My Flip. There are offers of double or even triple minutes to these flip phones.

What phone does AARP recommend for seniors?

The AARP recommends GreatCall formerly Jitterbug. Its prices start from $40. The calling plans start from $15 which has a package of 50 minutes. It has an activation fee of $35.

What is the easiest Tracfone for seniors?

The easiest Tracfone for seniors is a jitterbug flip created by GreatCall. It is easier because it has a huge hit among the seniors. It is easy to use because of its simple user interface design. Having large text and makes it simple to use among the seniors because many tend to lose sight at old age. It also has loudspeakers to help in hearing. It is cheap and hence the best for people who want text and call services only.

Besides all the above, the Jitterbug flip has an emergency alert button. A distressed senior can use the button to trigger an urgent response.


Tracfone is an all-round company. Its services are people-centered showing a lot of audience understanding. The company has provided financially strained seniors who cannot afford expensive phones and plans from other providers. In a great way, this is contributing to the development of the communication sector in a great way. It’s also continuously fueling innovations as technology grows all across the country.

The affordable plans offered are reasonable leading to a huge customer base. The wide coverage across the continent with retail points all over means a wider reach. It’s one company whose influence and power in the sector is unmatched. You can always trust their products and services.